600 More Days, Bitchez

President Obama honors America’s fallen warriors in a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.

Meanwhile. a thoroughly knicker-twisted old fartknocker laments that we have 600 days left in this utterly despicable Kenyan Impostor’s Evil Reign of Wreath-Laying, Warsaw-Ghetto Homage-Paying and Tornado-Victim Comforting. And that’s just his FIRST term!

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From the article:

By April 2011, Gallup reported that “Barack Obama’s approval among the poorest Americans dropped to an all-time low of 48 percent…leaving the president with less-than-majority approval among all income brackets reported in Gallup’s presidential approval surveys.” Rasmussen polling showed the same numbers.

Alan Caruba fails to compare Obama’s approval ratings with past presidents at this point in their terms.  From Gallup:

Obama - 50%
GW Bush - 64%
Clinton - 47%
GHW Bush - 76%
Reagan - 46%
Carter - 32%

Kinda puts things in perspective, eh?

He’s nuttier than a squirrel turd. And the majority of commenters there are equally nutty. They are still calling Obama the “Usurper” , the illegitimate one. They refuse to acknowledge that the majority of disastrous economic choices were made by their own party. It’s enough to make me bang my head against the wall.

How many of these loontoons are out there? It’s scary to to think that these idiots are voters, but you know they’ll be first in line to put Mimi Palin in office.

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