600 rabbis walk into a bar

Glenn Beck is on the TV, eating chalk, dry-humping his blackboard and flapping his face hole about the Holocaust.

The rabbis say to the bartender “Turn that crap down. We can’t enjoy a drink while the Human Bubo is taking a dump all over history.”

Joel Cheatwood and Roger Ailes stop molesting rats behind the bar and scream “It’s a liberal Jewish plot by liberal über-Jew George Soros!”

The End.

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The Aristocrats!

@HTP, dude.  Glenn Beck is MY crazy to follow.  Pick another!

Now, now, children. There is enough Glenn Beck crazy for EVERYBODY, and still have enough left over for the poor children of the Mongolian steppe who don’t get enough crazy of their own.

Won’t you please consider sparing a little Glenn Beck for these yurt-dwelling babes, who otherwise must make do with the bellows of even-toed ungulates? Give, and give generously. Thx in advance.

I enjoyed that.

@Mrs. Polly, you are correct, of course.  I should not be so greedy with the Glenn Beck craziness.  I could gorge on it 24/7 and still have enough left over for dessert.  And, I just made myself ill with the image of gorging on Glenn Beck.

And, I just made myself ill with the image of gorging on Glenn Beck.

Pork is considered unclean by many cultures.

Mentioning Glenn Beck flips the GoogleAds to sex offender tracking.

Fox News helpfully defends Beck against charges of anti-semitism by accusing the Rabbis of being an Evil Jewish Conspiracy:

“We haven’t seen the ad, but this group is a George Soros backed left-wing political organization that has been trying to engage Glenn Beck primarily for publicity purposes.”

Engaging with Glenn Beck for political purposes?  What other reason would there be?  Getting his snickerdoodle recipe?

@Allan, I was thinking he’s more like lard.

@Angry Geometer, hey I bet he wields a mean spatula.

Watched The Dark Knight last night.  It really started freaking me out how much The Joker-Beck.

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