9/11 Changed Everything…But America’s Diapers

Non-Muslim man mistaken for a Muslim by hate-eating patriotic dickheads at today’s Patriotic Dickhead Rally in NYC.

NYTimes has late coverage

Mrs. Polly was on the scene and should have an eyewitness update down the line.

Stay classy, America.

UPDATE: Insane nobody Tammy Bruce has Park51 totally sussed-out:

I’m convinced this mosque was Obama’s idea. The notion of it and its location. I think he knows he’ll be a one-term president and wants as much destruction to the American psyche as possible. The legacy this man is now establishing is a continuation of the terrorism unleashed in the 90s and defined by 9/11.

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...3…2…1: Why are police depriving ReaLAMEricans of the right to mob brown guys wearing sports hats?! And stop calling us racists!

Jesus Weeping Christ. The fReichtard movement in a nutshell.

BTW, his skullcap (which I assume is what set them off) is a product of a little local company no one has heard of called Under Armour.

his skullcap (which I assume is what set them off)

That, and sheer pants-pissing terror at anything that doesn’t look like themselves in a mirror.

I don’t know why I’m surprised at this; Fox has been stokng these peoples’ irrational fears for years and now it’s manifesting itself.

By the way, is that Tom Landry in the screen cap?

If they decide to move the mosque, it will just empower these dipchyts to try it over every little thing they don’t agree with. Was this what Germany like before Hitler took over?  It seems similar to what I’ve read.

Jebus, are we inching back toward Tulsa and Rosewood territory?

Looks like Fox News and Pamela Gellar are playing the role of the Tulsa Tribune - with gusto.

Comment by mepmep09 on 08/22/10 at 07:35 PM

This is one part that is so troubling… Liberals (like Howard Dean) who feel the proponents of the community center should be willing to compromise. So, now a majority of Americans want to lay 9/11 at the feet of all Muslims, even American Muslims? Plenty of Muslims died in the Twin Towers. How about this? If we can agree that Timothy McVeigh speaks for all Christians and all Christians are responsible for the Oklahoma Cithy bombing then we can lay 9/11 at the feet of all Muslims. What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander.

That was down by PATH station, btw, I’m pretty sure; not the rally itself. I’ trying to assemble images, which means being locked in mortal combat with Vista and a hard drive that has less room than a NYC galley kitchen.

I CAN report, first off, that the whole lot of them couldn’t fill the one city block (less a traffic lane, incidentally ) allotted them! Which I shall be able, I hope, to show. So any crowd estimates from the Long Island Loon are about as trustworthy as the rest of her.

I"M trying to assemble the images.

Too tired to fix backstage.

Thanks, Polly.

Geller says 5,000. CNN says 300-500.

Fuck ‘em. anyway. They’ve turned patriotism into a sickness, and transformed America into a flag-choked toilet of booger-eating hate.

Long about too late for anybody to care, I should find some of the video that shows the one area, from Barclay Street to Park Place, on West Broadway. Here’s the Google Map. The crowd, minus the stage, AND minus the lane reserved for traffic, filled about two thirds of the block, but never densely. There were people lined up alongside the barricades, but it was always possible to walk up and down on either side.

If that’s the best Geller, Fox, and the Post could do, I feel somewhat better.

Here’s British snarkmeister Charlie Brooker’s take on the whole shebang.

If that’s the best Geller, Fox, and the Post could do, I feel somewhat better.

Yeah, I think the really rabid hatesters are relatively small in actual number. As usual people get sucked into this type of group-think then when it’s time to race out there with pitch forks and torches a lot them are like, “wait, what?”.

I think this thing is cooling down and soon we’ll be on to the next shiny thing - I’m just afraid of what that thing’s going to be!

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