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Kid Malarkey believes in traditional values, and what could be more traditional than a Republican VP candidate with a slush fund? Paul Ryan seems to have given it a novel twist by using his congressional reelection bid as a means to funnel resources to the Romney campaign. The famed budget-slashing Randian whiz kid blew through seventy-five thousand dollars of his House reelection money at the four day Republican National Convention, where he had a total staff of…five. What, besides beer and brats, could the Wisconsin Slasher have bought in Tampa for that amazing amount of money?  Hotel rooms—lots of them, particularly in the Romney campaign’s hotel, where the Ryan House campaign wasn’t staying.

In case the blurring of funds between Kid Malarkey’s house and VP bids doesn’t seem like a big deal, it’s enough for Ryan’s campaign director, Kevin Seifert, to turn into John Lovitz while talking to the Observer’s investigative reporter:

It was at the—I can’t remember what they called it, it was a—basically the main staging area for these events,” Mr. Seifert said, adding, “The pavilion, yeah, with the tents.”

Seifert was talking about a “Beer and Brats” hospitality event, which was not listed in the house campaign’s FEC filings, incidentally.  That was one of a series of shifting stories Seifert tried, including an outright, obvious, honking, lie, back when Seifert was still returning phone calls:

We asked Mr. Seifert for more specific details about who used the rooms, but he hasn’t responded to that request. After reviewing his email, we also noticed that the $4,183.20 was identified in the Ryan campaign’s disclosure report as having been spent at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay, while the Wisconsin delegation was staying in a different hotel operated by the same chain, the Hyatt Regency Tampa. Based on their own disclosure reports Mr. Seifert’s claim Mr. Ryan’s congressional campaign purchased rooms at the hotel where the Wisconsin delegation was staying is untrue. Mr. Seifert has also not responded to a request asking for an explanation of this discrepancy.

Seifert’s boyishly hairgelled charge may not be breaking into Nixonian flopsweat yet, but I’m waiting, given his flair for a noxious admixture of drama and self-pity, for one of these.

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“Kid Malarkey” is a winner.

Thanks, HB. It was between that and The Child Shenanigist, but I think I went with the right choice.

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