Susan Rice Drops Bid to Become Secretary of State

I suppose if there’s one silver lining to come from Susan Rice’s decision to withdraw her name from the running for Hillary Clinton’s replacement as Secretary of State, it’s that Sen. John McCain has to stop his tantrum regarding her. (Oh, but how long before the next tantrum commences?)  I suppose I can see where people are coming from if they feel a little ripped off that she didn’t get further in the process because it just feels like giving in to the angry old GOP bastards, and who wants to give them an inch? On the other hand, I lean towards this being her decision to make, and getting out before it gets uglier (as McCain was threatening) is very sensible.

But where does the White House go from here regarding SoS Search? I know the current narrative is the next at-bat goes to Sen. John Kerry, because that’s who the Old Boys’ Club deems acceptable, and also they want a crack at slipping Scott Brown back into the Senate.  Me, I don’t see why Obama doesn’t consider Samatha Power.  (Well, actually I kind of do.  I must be part troll that I’d be looking forward to “Shit-show 2: Power Boogaloo”, because if the GOP wanted to shit-stir regarding Power, well, I guess they would.  But I’m a blogger and that’s blog-fodder. I’m capricious like that.)

But regarding the idea that Sen. Kerry accepting a role as SoS necessarily means losing that seat, I’m not convinced. The people of the Commonwealth have seen Brown’s act, and it’s not like there isn’t anyone who could run against him. I rather like the idea of Barney Frank in the Senate (we should be so lucky!). Although more than a few people on Twitter have mentioned Rep. Ed Markey, who I also rather like.

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I’ve posted elsewhere I’d like to see Al Gore in the SoS position. He’s not a Clinton. He’s not a hawk. He has international status. And he knows about global warming in a “record corporate profits are not more important” sort of way.

@ Xulon: You know—I like that, but it’s just because of the global warming issue that I would expect predictable denialist douches to be predictable and douchey.  Although it might be very well high time that issue got the public hearing it deserves, and Gore has the profile to bring it. And it’s hard to diss Gores credentials (although I’ve been at this too long: “no controlling legal authority”.

It pisses me off no end that McGrumpy & Co maintained their tantrum long enough to get Susan Rice to bow out of the SOS nomination but, as I’ve said elsewhere, she’s a smart, savvy person and will end up in another great job.

The great GOP tantrum against Elizabeth Warren leading the regulatory agency she designed just led to her becoming a duly elected United States senator who now has a seat on the banking committee, from which she can give the banksters Hell for at least the next 6 years (and we can just hope many, many more).  So the arc of the universe does bend towards justice.  And Susan Rice will hopefully end up in a position whereby she can tell McGrumpy to get the hell off HER lawn!

Small update:  It does look like it will be Kerry.

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