A Child’s Fight For His Dream

Not every ill child can hope for charity intervention or a telegram from the Make-a-Wish foundation, but cancer victim Connor Michalek is proving that a child’s enthusiasm for a better, more significant life may be all it takes to make a difference.

Connor is a Pittsburgh resident with brain and spinal cancer, and a fatal, imminent prognosis. However, while Connor’s life is likely to be all too short, it may have at least one Capra-esque moment if he can meet his All-Star wrestling hero, Daniel Bryan.

This video went viral today, as more and more Americans meditated on the courage of children, and the wonderfulness of their dreams. Bryan is famous for screaming “NO, NO, NO” at athletic events. Let’s hope that this time a happy, glowing “YES” will escape his lips.

(*UPDATE: Happy glowy!—Mrs. Polly)

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Good heavens the things that kid has gone through. I am so glad he got a chance to meet his wrestling hero. The enthusiasm kids have is always so humbling. I wish my wishing him a long time to remember his special day would count for something. ‘Cuz if I ever cried about stuff, I might—

No, I ain’t gonna cry a little. Okay, cried.

We have so much to learn from children.  Do we pay enough attention . . . ?

Further update: Stonecrusher puts a “No Lock” lock on Bryan.

Kind of what I hope the Pres will do to Boehner. Connor should consider teaching him a few moves.

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