A day late…

...a dullard short.

Happy Palinversary!

[Totally unsarcastic image via Team Sarah]

RELATED: I thought I recognized the guy in the bottom pic of Creepy Pam’s Palinversary post. I was right (top pic middle, bottom pic 3rd from left).  Here and here, too.

UPDATED: The new Pro-Sarah fan site, which we originally wrote about here, launched yesterday.  I haven’t really checked it out yet, but I did listen to the beginning of the founder’s BlogTalkRadio show and she seems to get overwhelmed by “flavor.” This should turn out well.

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He fits right in with the deranged cat ladies.  If he was a Hillary rag, and goes from her to Pam/Palin, then he doesn’t have an ounce of political acumen.  I remember Lewis Black once said, “The people who looked up to Bill and Hillary Clinton are the same people in high school who looked up to their principal”.

Who is that guy?  I hope he’s one of the most dedicated photobombers in the world.  That would be epic.

Needs more Youbetcha. Also

I triple dog dare someone to read this:

Patriot Kate added a blog post
Swin Flu Song - Don’t Inject me - don’t infect me

It’s hard to escape the conclusion that Sarah is in rehab—or at least a very quiet place where she can have all the cold cuts and pudding she wants, as long as she attends Group and doesn’t cause a ruckus in the TV room—while political operatives downplay her humiliating no-shows and maintain her virtual presence through sporadic, Osama-like fatwahs from the Alaskan equivalent of Tora-Bora.

From her hastily-arranged, babbling resignation to the present moment, there is nothing about the new, re-packaged “Citizen Sarah” that bears the signature of a disciplined political mind calmly masterminding a triumphant return to the public stage from her arctic Fortress of Solitude. Nor is that the face presented by her famously inept and defensive visible handlers, who more and more resemble the Cuban press flacks who dodged rumors of The Leader’s death by announcing that Comrade Fidel “enjoyed a robust peasant meal today,” and realeasing a photograph of El Presidente brandishing a recent edition of Granma.

Bottom line: Anyone who views Sarah as the political successor to Hillary is missing her much more obvious historical resemblance to Aimee Semple McPherson.

Maybe Daou can explain it all to us after he gets back from his Very Important Walk.

Tom FTW!

Few things illustrate the finality/incongruity of death as clearly as Sarah Palin’s bizarrely cartoonish political afterlife. 

Watching the celebration of Kennedy’s life, so terrible to think of all those helicopter-shot wolves, bleeding out in the snow.

Will there be a time in the distant future when snow-machines and mooseburgers are seen as antiquated relics of a bygone age?

Apologies. I’m just feeling powerfully en-daoued today.

but the real question is - when does she get a prime slot on Faux News

Apologies. I’m just feeling powerfully en-daoued today.

Oh yeah? Well just for that I’m leaving and never coming back, ever!

Who is that guy?

Zelig. And he’s lost his touch.

Apologies not necessary, Strange, for you have found a way to fill a gap in the lives of those of us withdrawing from Sarah Palin’s WILD BIG GOOD Twitterstream: who’d have thought that with hardly any adjustments, Daou’s thoughtlets are convertible to Palintweets? Just add wolfblood and stir!

Nothing good can come from idolizing yet another politician. Haven’t people learned anything from the Obama and Hillary deifications?

RIChris is a sensible person!

Heh. My goodness, this place must be heading for the big time if it’s managed to attract “One-Shot RIChris,” ace 2008 McCain/Palin booster troll of Salon and HuffPo etc. etc. etc. fame:

RIChris said:
Aug 29, 1:40 PM
McCain didn’t need Sarah Palin, but it guarantees a win in November. Obama and his followers are such negative low-lifes, all that was needed was to let them keep talking and win it for McCain.

How’d that work out for you, RIChris?

Oh, and lovely attitudes to women, BTW:

McCain skewered on “The View”
The women on this show personify why so many women don’t advance socially, professionally and politically. They reinforce the stereotypes of bitches, shrews and airheads. Barbara Walters started out breaking ground as the first female anchor and ended up as just another bimbo who writes about her sleep-arounds. Progress?

Tip: I wouldn’t try coming out with those sort of sub-neanderthal views here if you don’t want your ass handed to you in a pail.

YAFB, you can’t expect him to spend every second of the day yanking his two-inch pud to the Nailin’ Palin video!

Oh, I’m sorry: did that sound shrewish? ;)

And RIChris: know what else the women on “The View” are? Rich and Famous! Poor jealous little trollman.

By gum, now I do hope he comes back! ;)

Ooh don’t link to Pammy without a warning.  Otherwise perfect.  xxx

OH.  I guess you did warn me.  I didn’t recognize “creepy pam” without the Atlas.  My bad.

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