A Lovely Day For An Auto-Da-Fé: The Not the Ground Zero Rally Against Not the Ground Zero Mosque

say, MoHAMed's star isn't yellow!
Bottom line: This was your Joe-Basic Tea Party rally, minus most of the Gadsden flags and plus EXTRA anger and different costumery.  It was, shall we say, intimate; there were fewer people, it seemed, than the last Tea Party rally in Manhattan, and that one didn’t fill up the space allotted it, either.  The rain was only sporadic until after Pamela Gellar’s Mosquetastic Hyster-0-Rama exploitation fantasy concluded, so the unimpressive crowd can’t be blamed on that.

Yr. correspondent approached Park Place from the east, where I live, to find the street itself blocked off. It was just 10:30, but amplified roaring could be heard a block away. Poncho-clad We the PeePulls were being directed around the block, down Barclay St, and so found themselves approaching the back of the staging area, which was set up on West Broadway. Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” was blasting, as the news of his apostasy hadn’t yet reached the crowd.
Staging Area tangle
To the left, a couple of missile mock-ups proved that even protesting on Hallowed Ground didn’t mean it couldn’t be FUN.
Take THAT, Muslin Giant Doll!
The president came in for some misspelled attention—and chants of “Obama must GO! Obama must GO!”
Is the Constitution An Excuse?
Guess whose news truck was the BIGGEST!
Arab-funded propaganda meisters!
100% God-Approved!
And The Word Was With Hannity
Here we are within the “pen,” with these two ladies at the back of the rally. You can see not one, but TWO lanes of traffic open, and that the ladies aren’t exactly crowded. So the entire rally, plus the stage, took up one half of one city block on West Broadway, from Barclay to Park Place. Excluding crosswalks. This is during the height (or depth) of the tunes, which ran to: God Bless The USA, Born In The USA, Country Roads, God Bless America, And God Bless The USA again.
They Say The Moron Signs Are Bright On Broadway
One politician who made it his business to work the crowd and try to snarf up some attention was attended by minions with very attractive shoulderbags, mysteriously emblazoned, “Vote Brumberg.”
Brumberg is NOT a Typo!

Brumberg? Isn’t that that little billionaire mayor or something?

No, that would be young (28) Ryan Brumberg with the name recognition problem. He’s a management consultant of some three years, running against Caroline Maloney in the 14th district, aka the “silk stocking” district, aka “nowhere near this neighborhood, with no influence over same.”

By now, some of you might be wondering, Mrs. Polly, where are the Pam Geller pics? and I must sadly confess, dearest readers, that there are NO PAM GELLER PICS. By the time the gravel-voiced Grim Inquisitrix ascended the stage, I was being regaled, harangued, and otherwise spittle-flecked by a series of earnest Islamophobes with eyes like tractor-beams. In fact, I was only dimly aware of anybody onstage, as I was more interested in capturing signs, talking to people, and returning home with all my limbs intact. In any case, if you want to gaze upon the Sweetheart Savonarola, she will be posting herself all over Atlas Yawns, in living JingoColor.

God’s love and etc, Part One:
love our enemies etc, side 1
Flip Side:
mesopatamian moon god etc, side 2
Bet you didn’t see that one coming!

Aside from displeasing the “mesopatamian” moon god (it’s hard to decide where to stop adding the quotes), the author of the Love Your Enemies sign is exhibiting one of the neat mental maneuvers that would have had DesCartes pulling horsehairs out of his periwig: The Mooslins are the enemies of: Peaceful co-existence, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and all that is good, including John Denver and truck nutz. Therefore, to repress the Mooslins’ hateful anti-freedom religion is to support religious freedom, freedom of speech, and all those things you card-carrying naive ACLU liberals are always screaming about.
He must know, for FOX has told him so
For instance, here is poor Ghandi, trying not to look at the banner his wearer, Satya, is displaying, the one with “Takkiya” defined on it: “Takkiya” is the very favorite get-into-jail-free card for disqualifying every and any statement made by any Muslim whatsoever. I had a little talk with Satya, which I hope to upload, computer willing, tomorrow. He was a lovely fellow, who was also holding up a banner with this:
this cartoon seems familiar…
Hey, didn’t that guy used to wear a black hat ? And a long black overcoat?
And how “respectful” is it to traumatized New Yorker drivers to make them look at this image?
Nothing says respect like depicting the deaths of thousands on your tailgate.

“Respect” was a term the protesters tossed about: building the Mosque right there/so close/ on hallowed ground—have some respect for God’s sake! For some reason, though, adding a mere two blocks to the distance from the (non)mosque to Ground Zero made all the difference in the world. As one counter-protester observed:
two blocks bad, four blocks good

What do they want, if every appalling crime committed by fanatics, either alone or with the assistance of despotic regimes around the world, can be mitigated by moving the ostensible agent of all that criminality two blocks north?
Are You Stoned Lady Full Length
Perhaps Sharia Law doesn’t start till you get to Warren Street. But where does the Constitution start? Does it cover Ground Zero?
Future Footprint.
These people might want to know.

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Sharia Law
Are you stoned?”

Well, as a matter of fact, yes.  But I don’t think this would make any more sense if I weren’t.

Truly a wonderful report.  Many thanks.

One error: I have it on good authority for Gateway Pundit et al that the crowd actually numbered a bit more than eighty-nine billion thousand hunnert!!!1!

“from” not “for,” in prev. comment

Thanks Mrs Polly for all you do!! As an ex-pat former New Yawker, I find this hubbub totally depressing. How much of the spittle-producing crowd do you think were actually New Yawk residents? (Not that NY isn’t perfectly capable of producing her own crazies, in fact, is PROUD of producing crazies.) If it’s still all going off when I visit Mom in November, I’ll come down to Park Place and get spittle-flecked too. Though methinks ADD-inflicted T-Boogers will have moved on to another shiny scarey thing by then.

Stellar reportage, Mrs. P.

I believe Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” album came out 20 or so years back. Perhaps it’s time one of us broke it to the wingnuts that the song is not exactly the jingoistic jingle they seem to imagine it is.

Who volunteers to be the bearer of those bad tidings? You’ll always have Lee Greenwood, wingnuts. But I’m afraid Mr. Springsteen belongs to us hippies.

Wonderful job, Mrs. Polly, but YOU’LL NEVER GET IT!

Perhaps it’s time one of us broke it to the wingnuts that the song is not exactly the jingoistic jingle they seem to imagine it is.

I was thinking this too.  Specifically, two or more folks - depending on optimum font size - should show up at one of these things hoisting placards with the lyrics written out.  They might want to bring along some beefy friends, in case ugliness ensues.

And yes, an excellent report, Mrs. Polly.

The Atlas Sharts lady is disavowing all knowledge of this event:

I have no idea what this rally is. I have no idea who these people are. I have no idea who organized this rally. Clearly, whoever organized this was careless, unprepared, shooting from the hip and harmful to the cause of freedom and compassion. I wasn’t even in the state, nor did I know anything about this half-assed effort.

Splitters! Still, what a novelty to be denounced as a pack of brain-dead bigots by the likes of Pamikin Shittalker. That’s sort of like being criticized for vacuous demagoguery by Snowflake Snooki. Ouch.

Once again I salute you Mrs. Polly. Glad you made it home in one, un-Wingtard molested piece.

I have no idea what this rally is. I have no idea who these people are.

Before the cock crows thrice she shall deny them!

I have no idea what this rally is. I have no idea who these people are.

Funny, we do.

I’m not sure I understand why Pam Geller would denounce a gathering of illiterate racist throwbacks. Does she think she owns the patent on Low-Brow Ethnic Hatred?

Let’s hear it for the Fair-minded Mesopotamian Moon God! Mr. Tigris, Mr. Euphrates? Shake hands and come out hating.

This may explain the little nebbishy guy who came up to me after this rally was finished, saying, “I’m looking for the other rally.”

Other rally? I told him this was it, and he said, “No, the other rally, the one with Pam Geller. It’s the more…Jewish oriented one.”

This led me to slosh through the monsoon that immediately followed the rally, looking for a more Jewish rally. I didn’t find anything but sopping Teabaggers shivering under Gothic overhangs of Broadway office buildings, clutching their limp little flags.

Pam ought to be careful what she says about these people, though; the rally included firefighters, iron-workers, and 9/11 families. None of these groups was there in significant numbers—even the looncount was low—-but they’ll all show at her rally. And since nobody paid rapt attention to everything happening onstage, many of them thought she was there anyway.

A big Hee-Haa for the pickup with the Jersey plates.

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