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I saw this post a couple of days ago by Paul Mirengoff at Power Line:

While many of you suckers were watching the Republican presidential debate,

I got to listen to a pure conservative tonight. The conservative was Ann Coulter; the occasion was the 30th anniversary of the National Journalism Center.


Coulter’s speech was witty, insightful, and deliciously mean-spirited. Although she came more to bury than to praise, Coulter did put in a nice word about Power Line.

C-Span has the Coulter speech online now and if you want to know what passes for a “pure conservative” these days, well, put on a gas mask and then read the following:

The only Democrat who can beat [Hillary Clinton] is B. Hussein Obama.  His strong point is he’s one of the least dangerous people I know named Hussein. Other than that he really seems to have been coasting since his first big accomplishment, which was being born half-black. [...] When asked at one of the debates ...  Obama was asked what he would do, how he would respond if he was president and two US cities were attacked simultaneously. He said he’d call an ambulance ... and John Edwards piped in, “Yes, and I’d be chasing it.” Yeah, I think we assumed you’d send in ambulances.  I think that sort of misses the point. Of course, my response would have been, “That depends, which two US cities?”

I know a lot of folks on my “team” like to look the other way when it comes to Coulter, but if you have the time you should really watch the whole speech and the Q&A that follows it to see what the definition of a “pure conservative” has degraded to in ‘07. It’s quite revealing. Basically, judging from her speech, being a “pure conservative” has two requirements: a) you must possess a deep, anger-fueled hatred for liberals and b) you must possess a deep, anger-fueled hatred for Muslims (or as Coulter pronounces it repeatedly, “Mooslims”).  That’s it. There’s nothing more left.  That’s all they’ve got. And you can see from their questions and Coulter’s answers that they know they’re completely fucked because of it.

HUMOROUS SIDE NOTE: Coulter shows how culturally stunted she is with references to Barry Manilow and Kenny Rogers during her speech, but she really displays full-on dorkdom with this response during the Q&A regarding a question about the movie Redacted:

Apparently Redacted, the first weekend, I think it was the first weekend, this just ran on the Drudge Report, made about $25,000 and they said the same weekend there was this sort of offbeat, artsy movie about the drummer of the Clash, which was already sort of an offbeat band in the 80’s and that pulled in as much money—about the drummer of the Clash.

Actually the movie Ann is referring to is about Joe Strummer of the Clash (Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten). Strummer was one of two lead singers, songwriters and guitarists in the band. Strummer was most certainly not the drummer, but I guess when you’re as dorky as Coulter, words that rhyme are so “cool” that confusion is sure to follow.

UPDATE: Just checked YouTube and the folks at Christopher Hitchens Watch have uploaded a clip of the first quote cited above (and more).

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“Drummer” “Strummer” She knows more about music than she does about politics.  A non-Headon Clash drummer was named Terry Chimes, a/k/a Tory Crimes.

My arteries are hardening as I write this, but she was right about one thing.  The Clash WERE already sort of an offbeat band in the (early) 80’s, as proven by Sandinista.  She ought to move to music criticism. 

Do you think a Democratic victory in ‘08 will defang Coulter?

“Do you think a Democratic victory in ‘08 will defang Coulter?”

A Democratic victory in ‘08 will cause her fangs to grow. Bomb throwers need targets. The bigger the better.

Ann Coulter is good for one thing:
Making the scummiest people feel better about themselves. She’s nothing but a sphincter in a blonde wig channeling Marge Schott.

Sorry for the potty mouth, but with Ann, nothing else will do…

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