A quick prediction

On Sunday every wingnut blog will be filled up with pictures of garbage strewn about the National Mall. The end.

p.s. If you want to say hello at the Wonkette party or elsewhere in DC (TBD), email me at rumproastblog—at—gmail.com. Please include your Rumproast alias. Also, check out our Twitter feed and (maybe) this blog for pictures and updates from the rally.

Posted by Kevin K. on 10/29/10 at 06:53 AM • Permalink

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Have a safe trip, KK. Save the nation for us.

Yes, have a great time, doll.  Consider picking up your own trash.

I’ll email the extreme irony of us not going to DC this weekend.

A friend of mine just posted on FB that her mom is on the Sanity bus with Jon Stewart. I am jealous.

Here’s hoping the rally features a dazzling choreographed number with HoverRounds… something that’s a cross between the Doo-Dah Day parade units and Jackie Gleason’s June Taylor Dancers. Or maybe a straight ripoff of Alexei Sayles’ Torvall & Dean’s Nuke-a-Dance on Ice.

Cheers to you, Miss K! (Not just for referencing my all-time favorite movie in your handle, either.)

And I’m sure none of those reports will mention this inconvenient fact.  From the official site FAQs:

5) Can I make a donation to support the Rally to Restore Sanity?

We encourage you to make donations to the Trust for The National Mall. We feel it’s important to preserve this historic site for future rallies and for future Americans to rally on! And let’s face it; we’re a little afraid that you might make a mess. We really, really hope you don’t — we hope that, in the name of sanity and reasonableness, you won’t be dicks and will actually pick up after yourselves. But just in case you accidentally, like, put a beverage down on the Mall’s coffee table without using a coaster, we figure that giving a little something back to the National Mall might, at least, soften the blow. But really, mainly, it’s about the “preserving the historic site” thing. Donate here.

Also, all proceeds from sales of the official Rally to Restore Sanity merchandise will be donated to the Trust for the National Mall.

I’m prepping an Open Thread for the rally. It’ll go up after dinner. Just so’s you know.

Good luck Kevin, be safe…stuck here with baby!

Wheee!  I’m on my way. Wi fi on flights is awse, as is single fucking malt scotch.

Aaaah, The Big Hunt. One of my favorite and one of the most unfortunately named bars in DC. I don’t get in until 7, so I’ll likely miss the fun.

Thx, everyone. Heading down on the train now. I’ll try to check in on the thread from the Wonkette party (if we get in).

TS just came back with ginger ale from the cafe car and he’s pouring a smelly brown liquid into it. WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON?



Hey. First of all, congrats on your BJ gig.
Jim Newell seems to think the party will go on all night long, so free to contact me to see what the deal is. Hopefully, we’ll be at the bar by 8.

thanks Kevin!  I’m in midair trying to decide if I should rent a car or not.  I do miss driving on rock creek parkway…


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