“A rifle behind every blade of grass.”

TS from Instaputz:

I can’t fathom why Homeland Security would be worried about these people…

No shit.

Posted by Kevin K. on 04/29/09 at 08:54 AM • Permalink

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I’m sort of a gun tweak, always have been, and what cracks me up about Bubba is his infatuation with G.I. Joe weapons, which is what most people refer to as assault weapons (artificial category).

It really is a lot like grown-ups playing army man.

The battle for the republic, should it ever occur, is going to be door to door urban, where the means of production is concentrated.

Small towns can be leveled with a couple of tanks.

The best weapons for urban warfare are a sniper rifle, (Deer rifle),  and a sawed off shotgun.

I had a 16ga semi sawed off. 1 shell delivers more lead than a whole clip from a thompson sub machine gun. There is no learning curve, children and wheelchair bound geriatrics can operate it, point and click. My semi held 5, you could squeeze them all of in 2 seconds and it hitys everything in front of you with buckshot, EVARYTHING

Assault rifles are for attacking or assassination. If you are going up against the empire, it’s all about shoot then run and hide.

Sorry to get all bubba, but it’s funny how the patriots and militia’s understanding of revolution and guerilla warfare is about 200 years outdated.

They need to recruit more actual combat vets.

Like T, McVeigh, now there’s a whiteBoy who knew how to fuck shit up.

I followed the link and came across this little bit of edification:

http://www.ammoland.com/2009/04/29/the-shotgun-is-th e-most-neglected-weapon-in-our-arsenal/

Comment by Brad on 04/29/09 at 12:00 PM
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