Act Now, Or The Republican Party May Be Extinct In Our Children’s Lifetimes!

Republicans are a dying breed:

  According to Gallup, there are only five states that now have a statistically significant majorities of Republicans. They are Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Alaska and Nebraska.

In contrast, there are now 35 states that are majority Democratic with 10 states up for grabs.

Wow. That’s just amazing.

Maybe Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Alaska, and Nebraska can just secede from the union, and Sarah Palin can be President of Republicanstan. Of course, without all the commerce and subsidies from the bigger, bluer states, Republicanstan might soon collapse into a hellhole of unemployment, inbreeding, and pitchforks, which, come to think of it, isn’t that much different from the way things are now!

I think the Republican Party better start rethinking their position on the Endangered Species Act, before it’s too late.

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Has anyone actually ever met two Republicans?

Well that certainly explains their opposition to family planning.

I wish I were as optimistic. I expect the GOP to spend its time in the political wilderness, but it won’t be nearly long enough. They’ll be back.

That map is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen since Daniel Craig emerged from the ocean in Casino Royale, and has replaced him as my desktop.


That is beautiful.

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