Ain’t No Cure For The Xenophobe Blues


Haven’t you always chafed at being one of the unheard herd?  Want to live your beliefs and force two huge nations to bend to your will and deliver on your demands?  Want to make time stand still and force this big old melting pot to put a lid on it?

Well, then—starch your camos, pack up your prepper-packs, Deep Woods Off, and night vision goggles, and jump in the biggest vehicle you can find because on Saturday, September 20, 2014 an army of patriots are going to SHUT ‘ER DOWN!

That’s right folks, evidently the vigilantes, militias and irregulars who betook themselves to the border aren’t having much of an impact on migration patterns because, well, they’re not really allowed to do anything, outside of dressing up like GI Joe and taking infrared selfies in the dark when they stumble upon coyote trash dumps.  One or two have actually come close to being martyred for the cause but, fortunately, the border agent was a rookie and missed.

But now, shrewder strategists seem to be at work and have come up with a real plan . . . 

To wit:

We are but a small representation of Americans who are unsettled and deeply concerned with our current Administration, in all branches of Federal and State governments. Our mission is to Shut Down, every United States’ Port of Entry on the Southern Border, until our Goals are met.  By doing this, we will stop approximately 1.4 Billions dollars of trade, per day, from going into, and out of, Mexico and The United States of America.This action will force the elected officials in The United States and Mexico, to come up with a permanent and legitimate solution for dealing with the Illegal Immigration issue, enforce our rule of law, and bring our Marine, Sgt. Tahmooressi, home. This protects all American citizens and those legal immigrants who wish to come here the legal way.The Border Shut Down will remain in place, until our Goals are met, in writing, from both the United States and the Mexican governments.

Our Goals, as follows, are non-negotiable:

1. Immediately and unconditionally, release Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi.

2. Give the United States Border Patrol and ICE Agents back their authority to complete their job and defend the immigration laws of The United States.

3. A clear plan of action to permanently seal off our Southern border, by means of an electrified fence with razor wire (or similar equivalent) and adding any and all additional Border Patrol Agents and militarized National Guard members needed to further deter any unauthorized entry. The Southern border MUST be sealed.

4. Allow Border Patrol Officers and ICE Agents to detain and remove, any and all illegal aliens, especially including armed gang members, cartel members, and drug mules; overturning current procedure. End “catch and release”, permanently.

5. All blanket foreign aid bookmarked for Mexico is immediately halted and reallocated to assist Mexico in securing their own safety, sovereignty and financial success for their citizens.

6. Mexico is held responsible for 50% of all of the costs associated with The United States’ processing and return of all illegal aliens, entering via the Mexican border with the United States. This includes, but is not limited to, temporary holding facilities, medical care, clothing, food, bathing essentials, transportation, etc.

7. All illegal aliens are to be deported immediately to their Country of origin. Their home country will be responsible for the remaining 50% of the costs associated with the processing and return of their citizens, as mentioned above.

8. Repeal the Trust Act and enforce all Federal Immigration Laws, ensuring there are no more Sanctuary Cities.

9. End all Federal and State Government financial, educational and medical assistance to all illegal aliens.

10. Pass a Federal law stating that any company or organization, willfully employing an illegal alien will be charged with a felony, if a sole proprietor, or a 1 million dollar fine for a corporation, per instance.

May God Bless America and the citizens that stand in defense of her!

Anyone wanting more info please join the face book group

That’s pretty straightforward, I’d say.  The mastermind behind this Citizen Revolt is one Stasyi Barth, a California acupuncturist, who got a bee in her bonnet while serving on the front lines in Murietta, CA, repelling the Children’s Crusade.  That life changing experience has clearly radicalized Stasyi who is now spearheading the southern ports shutdown and has been making the rounds on the Patriot Radio circuit to drum up recruits.

According to the Shut It Down! event page on Facebook, there are 95 “going” and 27 “maybes” out of 2,000 invitations.

I guess these folks have some idea what they’re signing up for . . . ?  There are 26 official ports of entry [land entry] on the southern border comprised of 8 rail lines, 43 roadways, 24 bridges, 2 dams, 7 roads and a ferry—carrying one huge amount of traffic.  It’s a big job but Stasyi appears to be quite the community organizer, she even has a toll-free number for the movement:


And, on August 17th, Stasyi helpfully posted instructions and a morale booster for volunteers:

Dear Patriots:

This is not going to be a one day event. This is meant to be a stand-off, between American Patriots and those who seek to destroy our Constitution and our Sovereignty. We will be there, as long as it takes…period.

We have 25 Ports of Entry to close, along the US/Mexico border. We are doing this simultaneously, beginning at 8am PST. Specific meeting locations will be arranged, as the day approaches, because of security.

Our goal:

Patriots need to arrive in HUGE vehicles, semi’s, trucks, RV’s, etc. Use your imagination! We need to stop our vehicles as close to the ports (incoming and outgoing) as possible, on the freeway and off of Federal land.

Bring food, water, blankets, sunscreen, signs, chairs, tarps, American Flags, etc. Anything you need to “stick it out”.

Our mission is to officially stick this out! We can win this, if our will is stronger than theirs!

One note: Absolutely no abuse of law enforcement personal will be tolerated! No taunting or disrespect, whatsoever! We are fighting for their rights, just as much as ours.

We have the Constitutional right to peacefully protest and assemble. The Constitution does NOT say it has to be in a “1st Amendment Zone”; that goes against the entire premise.

Again, please bare with us. We are individuals, coming together….to Save Our Country and Bring Sgt. Tahmooressi home!

I realize that some of you are frightened of what “might” happen. Truth is, anything can happen. Be mentally prepared for that. This is not a fight for the weak minded or weak hearted. This is a fight that true Patriots feel strongly about! It’s time our Government remembers that they work for the American People and the will of the American People is strong!

We are uniting under our 10 Goals. That’s it. Keep it simple. I realize there are many things wrong with our Nation that must be addressed. We are starting with our Sovereignty and working inwards.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Any suggestions? They are all welcomed! Just remember to be courteous and respectful.

As for each of the ports….we need volunteers to head up each port. California has two ports covered (San Ysidro and Otay Mesa) and Texas has a few covered (edit in a few).

If you are interested, please PM Barbie or me (Stasyi) to request an entry point.

As Barbie mentioned before, this is not a light assignment. You will be the main contact person for that area and are responsible for all in attendance.

Sign-ups for each port are coming soon. That way, we know how to spread our resources and you know where you are most needed.

I will continue to give updates, as the need arises.

Take care and thank you for your patience.
May God Bless America!

Isn’t that exciting?  all it takes is a big old SUV parked sideways across a tollgate, some rations and a list of demands to cripple international commerce.  And, if you happen to be a Patriot with mad leadership skills? there’s an app for thatPort Organizer Guidelines!

Moronic as all of this sounds, it’s at least a touch saner than what the menfolk in combat drag are getting up to—causing more and more headaches lately for local law and Border Patrol.

But here’s some raw footage . . . you be the judge.  This one features 3 guys and an arachnaphobe, including Capt. O, of Bundy Ranch fame.  The punchline is around 8 minutes in, when Border Barbie spots a spider and aborts the mission.  Pure comic gold.

Saner or not, and despite the fact that Stasyi & Co. firmly believe that law enforcement is solidly on their side, Laredo PD has already signaled that nobody is shutting down their port . . .

Nevertheless, if you’re planning a trip South of the Border, Stasyi has issued this PSA so your parade doesn’t get rained on:

Travel Advisory: Please be aware that traveling across the US/Mexico border will be impeded, beginning on September 20, 2014, with no designated end date.

Whether or not you agree with the mission, you’ve got to hand it to Stasyi for pure chutzpah.  She’s showing some of the ideological internal fortitude that made Orly Taitz great.

And, just in case, I suspect there will be a gofundme for a legal defense fund in 5 . . 4 . . 3 . . 2 ...

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“Again, please bare with us.”

No, thank you.

Hey Nefer, you stole my line!  Because seriously, them showing their rhetorical asses at the border is what is actually going to happen, all the rest of their goals are pure grade A wingnut patriot BS.

They only think they can get away with it because the Bundy nest hasn’t been cleaned up yet, though I am sure the legal land seizure process is slowly winding up to a big finish that will occur at some point after the Nov. elections. 

So, I wonder how many charges law enforcement can come up with for what these hateful little gunhuggers have in mind?  I bet it will be a long, long list.

How does one even pronounce “Stasyi”?

I think it shows that the familial brain damage didnt start with her.

Isn’t <100 people dictating policy considered a dictatorship or something?

She misspelled “Stasi”.

Also, I hope hope hope they <strike>do</strike> attempt this, just because of the massive FAIL we can chuckle over for months as a result.

Speaking of massive FAIL, you gotta love how half the text on that video is cut off at the edges. Masterful propaganda work, there, folks!

Good lord.  This whole thing is self-snarking.  I am eagerly awaiting the outcomes!

It’s a good day to be a tow truck driver on the border.

...“please bare with us.”

I guess that’s what the sunscreen is for.

It’s a good day to be a tow truck driver on the border.

@SueDB see now!  that’s the kind of thinking that makes Amercia great!!

45 minutes of that video?  You are vastly more patient than I.

And I would like to point out that most of their forum posts have less than 10 views (with the most at 358).  For comparison here is the mt. bike forum I hang out at.

Comment by Weird Dave on 09/12/14 at 11:59 AM

Hey, nobody ever said that being a bunch of xenophobic paranoid nutjobs was popular; it just seems that way since FAUX gives them so much free airtime.

Can anyone convince this woman to stop chewing gum right into the mike?

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