Alaskans on the Palin VP pick: “You know, shocked, you know, angry, perplexed and vexed, you know”

Posted by Kevin K. on 08/29/08 at 09:22 PM • Permalink

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OMG! Obama’s black? Why didn’t anyone tell me this before?


That’s a nice little campaign commercial the AP produced.

The AP is teh suck.

In case you haven’t noticed…he’s black.

That last woman made sense.

I know. I know. I know. But what I really want to know is, HTF does a mother of five with a full-time job have time to get a French manicure, always be perfectly made up and coiffed, and be so effing cheerful looking? Ya know?

On the plus side, McCain finally found someone shorter than he is.

She’s Rick Santorum with boobs.

Give this a couple days to sink in and get processed.

It has a certain momentary novelty value, like selecting Gary Coleman, Stephen Hawking or Mark Phelps as a running mate.

However, unless Palin spins around at the convention podium and turns into Linda Carter with a golden lasso, I suspect this will be a net-negative for McCain.

Then again, this is the nation that voted Dubya in twice, so it is unwise to underestimate our capacity to be distracted by shiny objects.

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