All Clear Here (Roastie Check In/Open Thread Type Thing)

Based on very recent personal experience (and a hazy knowledge of where various Roastapeeps are located), Irene will continue to give some North Roasters the Obama amongst the hippies treatment for a while longer.

But take heart. Even as some of us blink at the strange yellow light in the sky, mutter “fuck it” in re: the debris on and around the house and work up the nerve to peek in the basement, we are worried about the health and safety of the rest of our Roastpatriots. Check in when you get a chance.

(Brief PSA: A Tornado WARNING is your cue to sprint to the nearest point of safety. A Tornado WATCH means you can continue to peek at the sky nervously every five seconds. I lived in Indiana for several years and never DID get that straight. My rule was: If I hear what sounds like a freight train when there is no rail line nearby, or the curtains suck against the window so hard I think they’re going to squirt through the screen and stick there like they’re glued, it was time to run into the bathroom and curl up in the tub.)

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I am ranting fit to bust right now cause well (just posted elsewhere)

Okay peeps I am going to vent. Pin yer ears back. All over the twitterverse the “elites” in the North East are spouting about a “non event” Katty Kaye said she was “underwhelmed by Irene” well madam you are damn well lucky that you are underwhelmed by Irene. You should have sat through almost 24 hours of the most brutal winds and rain and at times thinking that your house was a gonner. As I have said before, I have been through lots and lots of hurricanes, I am not a wimp, but this bitch scared the treacle out of me. Seriously. And to listen to you NE Coast elites spout your bullshit about being “underwhelmed” and Irene being a non event just pisses me off to the nth degree. Why is it only important if it happens to NY or the North East Coast. What the fuck are we down here in the South chopped fucking liver? Seriously, stop it, we have got some serious damage down here. This storm was historic in its fury and its length and you guys up there are bitching about the emergency being “not worth it”. Fuck you guys. Seriously. Fuck you.

My harrowing ordeal is recounted here, with the update that the oak branch on the roof rolled off directly onto the spot where I usually drag downed tree parts for processing, only slightly denting the gutter on the way down.

Blue sky has been the rule since noon and we are looting the emergency alcohol supply as we speak.

Good luck to those more directly in the path of the storm.

Well, I’m in middle Georgia, so we got nary a sniff of the hurricane. Same old bone-dry, bumping-triple-digits weather that we’ve been having for days now. If any of y’all want to send us some of that rain, we’d be glad to take it.

I’m in the NW suburbs of DC (Montgomery County MD). Big ball of “meh” here.

@littlebrit - it is very frustrating to hear people who were just plain lucky acting like there never was any big threat to begin with.  Irene was and is a huge storm and could easily have done far more damage than it did (which was enuff, doncha think guys?)  Acting complacent about not getting nailed is a little puerile.

I’m in NE Philadelphia—we had our power off for a few hours, so the worst thing I can say is my coffee was too late this morning, I had to listen to some AM radio to keep abreast of the world for like, a whole hour, and then go and re-set digital clocks. The horror.  But I have to chime in about the “much ado about nothing” folks—

They are so wrong.  Last night I was keeping track of the tornado warnings—and we already learned this summer that tornados can touch down in NE Philadelphia—so I was tense. They did hit in DE and that isn’t a joke.  Also, some people did lose their lives during this thing, so I wonder if there’s some morbid “magic number” of deaths or $$$ of damage that make a thing “worth it”. As it is, maybe less disaster came about because more people took serious precautions—if so, yay media.  An actual job well done.

There weren’t that many deaths, therefore, all those precautions were over-the-top hysteria!

Here in lower Manhattan, we had no power outage after all, but I did stay up to watch our “hurricane-proof” window bowing out with the wind gusts. The worst we got, I think, was abt. 56 mph. I saw that one. We’ve had worse during a Nor’easter, but it was quite bad enough, thanks awfully!

Mama-san insisted on staying in her little hobbity house-in-the-woods, which two weeks before was narrowly missed by an enormous tree twisted out of the ground during a “microburst.” She laughs at precautions, giggles at portents, and guffaws at ominous rumblings. Luckily the rest of the gigantic oaks kept their toes in the ground, so now she simply has to do without power for the next who knows how long. But will she come down to Chez Polly? Of course not!

I was in the middle of putting up a picture essay, but after working like a charm all through the storm, Verizon decided to crump. Me, too.

I feel you lil brit. I bought my first house three weeks ago, and just had a new roof put on. We must have spent 24 straight hours staring out the window at twisting trees thinking “not the roof! Anything but the roof!” And as for electricity, National Grid admits it will take a week to get it back on for everyone. For a Roaster with a well, no electricity also means no water for a week. If it hadn’t been for all that breathless coverage, we wouldn’t be prepared to tough it out till the power’s back on. As it is, we’ve got tubs full of water, flashlights and candles and a bunch of nonperishable food, all of which will prove entirely necessary. Besides, doesn’t good preparation always make the event seem like a letdown? The point is to be ready for the worst, even if the worst doesn’t happen.

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