All Maverick, No Leader

This point was missed by at least one big name blogger, but aimai over at the Zoo gets it right:

Others have complained that in this clip Chris calls the Republicans “mavericks” and thus gives them some credit for crushing the bailout bill. In fact, he’s doing just the opposite. He is simply turning the phrase inside out and revealing its essential uselessness and vapidity in a political context. He says up front that you can call them the “party of mavericks”—and they can call themselves that—but mavericks can’t be led, and can’t lead. He lays it all at the feet of John McCain and explains to the rather moronic talking dress who is interviewing him that the Republicans had an obligation to get the votes for the bill and the fact that they didn’t is a failure of their leadership and a failure of McCain’s leadership. And he puts it just that bluntly—McCain can’t lead, this was his test, and he flunked it. It’s well worth seeing.


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Aimai is like the Brewers, a winner.

And one of the smartest on the intertubes. :)

Matthews finally quits defending McCain, the great POW Maverick.  Instead turns it against him.  He just couldn’t take it anymore.  This is a pretty significant moment.

I’ve always liked Tweety for some reason.  He can act like an idiot at times but he’s been around a long time and he gets how the game is played.

I would love it if Obama flew in and tweaked the deal to satisfy the house Republicans (or pulled the rest of the Democrats on board) but it looks like it isn’t going to happen.  That would be the nail in the coffin of McCain’s campaign for sure.

I know we don’t pull childish stunts like they do on the right but if we could do it this one time and show them how to get it right.  Oh well, if wishes were horses, etc.

Tweety has his good moments and his bad. And he’s exceptionally good at calling bullshit on, well, bullshitters when he’s up for it. I’ll take him over a pile of mush like Wolf Blitzer any day of the week.

Hey, thanks.

Viewing that clip last night Mr. Aimai complained about how long winded and wordy it was.  but I pointed out that Chris Matthews had been brought in to be a talking head talking over stock pictures of the market crashing and people running around looking upset and a stock ticker with incomprehensible numbers on it and his job was basically to fill dead air time. Given that, I’d be thrilled if he spent the entire 24 hour news cycle demolishing McCain.

I don’t watch much TV, or any except on youtube clips but is it my impression or have the screens gotten even more crowded with extraneous, fluff “detail” and talking heads? Seems to me, she said, getting out of her rocker and throwing another mukluk on the fire, that the ability to have various floating bimbos hove into view while Matthews was talking, superimposed over jagged lines, random numbers, and people in coats waving their hands *plus* chyron doesn’t really improve our understanding of the situation.


Like you I’m very limited in what I watch; some political shows, and nothing on the regular tubes (except last season I did watch American idol.) I can see Mr. aimai’s point, but I thought Matthews did really well this time. He was like a shark swimming around its victim in closer and closer circles, only Matthews was verbally setting up McCain for a hit, and his words were very effective in delivering the final blow.

I have to add, I don’t see how anyone who watched that (and I think I know who you were referring to) could have concluded that Matthews was complimenting the Republicans ... it wasn’t even close.

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