Allan Simpson—Gangnam Warrior

He’ll dance out of his pants when we career over the fiscal cliff…and become more powerful than we can possibly imagine, baby.

Posted by StrangeAppar8us on 12/06/12 at 06:20 PM • Permalink

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Alan Simpson Admits He ‘Made Perfect Ass’ Of Himself With ‘Gangnam Style’ Video, Doesn’t Care

See, now? this is the strange beauty of Alan Simpson that prevents me from thoroughly hating his guts . . . he’s a “natural” bad-ass.

Welcome back, Strange.  As a former Pittsburgher and someone who enjoyed your posts, I’m glad you’re back.  I happen to think the BS Commission is pretty much dead. If the Goopers want to insist on Medicare and Social Security reforms (and the latter is not even part of the deficit) then we should just sail off the very gentle slope and leave the sociopaths facing another false debt ceiling confrontation, which was oh so popular wasn’t it?  And cuts to a huge number of domestic programs because you know Defense will end up instantly off the chopping block (National security!! Save our troops!! Defense jobs gone (okay not so popular).  Blah blah.  Will be a hugely ugly January with the sole exception of Inauguration Day.

this is the strange beauty of Alan Simpson that prevents me from thoroughly hating his guts

Feh.  You are a more noble sort than I, Bette.  In the shriveled husk of what passes for my heart, oozing bitter black ichor as it does, I sense the input of a 25-year-old staff flunkie, and the ashy tang of the Catfood Commission reborn.

Pareene and I are wearing our bitchfaces.

Comment by Lowkey on 12/07/12 at 10:20 AM

Yet another reason why Harry Reid had damned well better change the filibuster rules when the next Senate convenes - that would put an end to McConnell’s plans on this issue, but of course result in the release of a wail of sanctimonious butthurt that even Faux Spews won’t be able to contain.

As my brother observed: “just what we need—another Macarena.”

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