Allen West & Laura Ingraham Throw Tea Party Under the Bus

Whatever we’re doing, it’s working.

[BONUS TEA PARTY TURNCOAT ACTION:]  Herman Cain apologizes for disrespecting Muslims.

[EXTRA-SPECIAL TEA PARTY DEADBEATS UPDATE:]  Vegas hotel sues Tea Party Nation for $642,000 over cancelled convention.

[AND ALSO:]  SC Tea Party Leaders Arrested For Selling Pirated Computer Software

[ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD:]  Politico calls Tea Party “terrorists.”

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Whatever we’re doing, it’s working.

All we need to do is keep calmly (or not) pointing out what we always have - the TP is an astroturf-driven pack of Republican base bottomfeeders and was never anything else.

I think that fact, more than anything we’ve done, is why it’s unraveling. It was never anything more than a short-term election-grabbing maneuver, but I believe our pointing that out has helped with it only working for one midterm instead of the midterm and the next presidential. Knock wood.

Jesus God, those two are so stupid and delusional that I am dumber and more confused for having heard them. How do people who listen to that crap all day (for purposes other than mockery and monitoring the enemy camp) not dissolve into a drool puddle by noon?

The teaparty is reminding me more and more of a cute puppy that the Republican party bought to amuse the kids, but which is turning out to be the spawn of some kind of demon that is uncontrollable by any means.  After it tears up the rug, pees on the dinner table, and eats the kiddies and grandma the remaining Republican party will attempt to get rid of it and then pretend they never brought it into the house at all.  But its too late, they have to keep it and its reputation for another two years until the election and its going to keep shitting everywhere through the primaries.  If it weren’t going to take down the house with it I’d be laughing.


I love that analogy aimai.  If only we had a TeaPound to lock them up in.

Sure, Chaos now rules and we’re all doomed and whatnot, but at least there is some fine snark coming out of this Crazy Train Hurtling Toward Doom.  Take commenter “Palinoid” from that Tennessean article Strange linked to (the one about the Vegas hotel suing Teatard Nation):

As I cross this great land I see, from my modest point of perspectual, but foremost my seat on this bus, I am standing, and I mean with at least part of my family at all times, for the family-first perspective that, as real Americans know and share, is part of who I am.

From the view of We The People, there is no question that Judson Phillips is a person, who, like those who held the saddle for Paul Revere and are the unsung heroes, may still be lookin’ for the right person to come along and take the reins to lead this great nation.

And, as Ronald Reagan believed that building new relationships, there has got to be action for the opportunity to change it.

Some decisions that have been made poorly, but a leader has to be willing to retreat and even quit so that, from being understood in a new direction, um, sometimes to move boldly, with unexpected power, when the lamestream media is at you like a wolf, and you find yourself not having a helicopter.

And I think that the Tea Partisan Nation would be well to keep your eye on the point, as we say in Alaska, that you know what the difference is between a hockey puck and a leader who quits halfway through the course?

Nothing but kudos from those who have chosen to respond to Palinoid in comments. (I’m guessing that the real teatards stopping by over there are wondering what’s so funny.)


I read with dawning comprehension (finally) that comment.  Excellent.  I would pay good—well, adequate—money for an EEG of a teatard’s cerebral cortex as he/she reads it and tries to decide how defiantly and incorruptibly he or she agrees with it, whatever it means.

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