America Has Never Been Racist -OR- Rick Perry Caught Between a Rock and a Head Place

[Photo: Proof that American racial attitudes have improved over time.]

I’ve been on deadlines, but apparently one of the tastier scandals of the weekend has been Rick Perry’s “Niggerhead” controversy, which is either a harmless example of America’s rich history of casual-yet-brutally-offensive ethnic slurs, or a big stick with which to beat your primary opponent, depending.

More links at Gawker, Slate, MSNBC  and The Village Voice. It’s a free-for-all.

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I saw this earlier.  Along with the fact that Perry called for the U.S. to invade Mexico over the weekend, his campaign may be making its last swirl or two before it’s down the crapper.

Arguably the Perrys didn’t name the hunting camp or paint the rock but there’s a lot of disagreement over when he realized it was not a particularly good idea to leave it there.

Also if you collect early American advertising tins and signs it’s pretty apparent that “America’s rich history of casual-yet-brutally-offensive ethnic slurs” was fairly widespread.  Just another example of Murkin Ception’lism.

“It’s just a name,” said Haskell County Judge David Davis, sitting in his courtroom and looking at a window. “Like those are vertical blinds. It’s just what it was called. There was no significance other than as a hunting deal.”

Hey, is that Haskell County Judge David “Convicted Child Rapist” Davis?  I thought so.

I am receiving unconfirmed reports that the Perry family has quietly moved to divest itself from other real estate holdings, including “Date Rape Point” and the “White Man’s Scalp” memorial shooting range.

They should change the hunting camp’s name to Crackerass.

OK, followed the _WaPo_ link…

1) The headline topic speaks for itself. Perry is a disgusting cretin, but anyone paying attention knew that already. True, if they didn’t care before they don’t really care now, but like dogs pooping on the carpet its still worth rubbing his nose in it.

2) I don’t live in Texas and don’t wish to, so maybe this question has a simple answer. Still…since when did “barely west of Fort Worth” become “West Texas”? Why is anything ‘east of the Pecos’ called “West Texas”?

3) There’s actually a place called “Throckmorton”?

There’s actually a place called “Throckmorton”?

There is now. ;->

We’re just about finished renaming everything up here (Maine) with ‘Squaw’ in its name. Took about a decade, but it’s done.

So I feel your pain, Texans… and “Moosehead” is a lovely, tried-and-tested name. Go for it.

There’s actually a place called “Throckmorton”?

Named after the Great Gildersleeve.

Thar’s gold in them thar WaPo comments:

Ay Chihuahua! This is like a skydiving contest between Perry and Bachman to see who will leave the biggest crater. How do the numbnuts who raced to write a big fat check to Perry feel now? Like their HPV shots made them retarded perhaps?

Original version.

Interesting side discussion in the Gawker comments re casual childhood use of “nigger”. When my family played eeny meeny miney mo, we always said “catch a tiger by the toe”. I remember being shocked out of my patent leather mary janes when I played with some new kids who didn’t say “tiger”.

My mom always used to call Brazil Nuts “Niggertoes.”

I’m sure there was absolutely nothing racial about that name, right Mr. Perry?

Yah got it all wrong, the name of the camp was Niger Head, referring to the source of the Niger River in the Guinea Highlands- the next camp over is “Guinea Hair”.


Mr. Aimai and I were driving across country, years ago, and we passed a sign in (Virginia?) that said “Ni**er Head Hill, height 3,425 meters” or something like that. I blurted out “what the fuck?” and Mr. Aimai who is more of a numbers guy completely failed to notice the actual name and said “That seems kind of high for around here.” 


But don’t worry, as I pointed out over at SteveM’s place Perry’s fans will lap this up. Not only does he get to accept the mantle of the abused white male and victim of liberal orthodoxy and race hustling (sic) but it will do in Herman Cain since now he’s shown his true color: blackblackblackityblack.

aimai: Already happening.

One of the tweets at the NY Mag story linked by Scott.

“SouthernCross: Now an EX Herman Cain supporter after his racial remarks about Governor Perry. It is all about the race card with those People.”

Sweet Jesus. What a pure example of self-pitying racism.

I like the tweet at the link Scott posted which faults Cain for being political enough not to support a rival. Cain should obviously have said that “Rick Perry is a gooooooooood man and no racist” because that’s what nice people do when they are running for a nomination. They should never, ever, criticize the opposition.  How unjesuslike of him.


You guys can actually manage a dialogue after that illustration? I’m still in a state of shock. And I thought “Darkie” toothpaste was bad.

I thought “Darkie” toothpaste was bad.

It’s OK. It’s now called “Darlie.”

They still need to work on the mascot, though.

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