America will never be destroyed from the outside.

It will be destroyed by the STOOPID emanating from rightwing, racist fucktards on YouTube [via Wonkette]:

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I love the right wing obsession over Soros.  Do they really think they can re-take the country going after someone most Americans haven’t heard of? 

I check big hollywood about once a week for (unintentional) comedy, and the occasional liberal calling out their breitbot conspiracy theories.  I saw this troll comment recently, sums up the anti-Soros paranoia pretty well:
Some winger idiot asked:
“I wonder where Soros was when Al Franken won?”

OOOO! Scary boogie man George Soros!!! I think his black helicopter was sighted over St. Paul on the day the court issued it’s ruling.
Soros also introduced Mark Sanford to his mistress and faked Obama’s birth certificate.

The government doesn’t want me to see it? Good enough for me.

“I wonder where Soros was when Al Franken won?”

Yeah, he was fixing up a hot dish to bring to the Lutheran church picnic in International Falls.

(But that was a cover for his nefarious plot to take over the Senate for one-worlder communist fascist Jews!)

By the way, Malkin is selling her new book as “the book the White House doesn’t want you to read.”  True—the White House doesn’t want you to run headfirst into a brick wall, either, and it’s not clear which would inflict more brain damage.

Comment by Steve M. on 07/29/09 at 02:09 PM

Gah. HTML fail.

Gah. HTML fail.


By the way, Malkin is selling her new book as “the book the White House doesn’t want you to read.”

Going back to the Matt Lauer/Malkin post - that was pretty funny when Lauer read off the name of the book and deadpanned “what’s it about?” to her.

The rightwingers in America have fear and hatred of Soros in common with the rightwing theocrats in Iran.

Iranian Propaganda Video featuring John McCain, George Soros

[If you haven’t seen that yet, it’s quite funny and is essentially a pro-Staasi-for-Iran video. As for why it’s McCain, the video is from before Feb. 2008, when few had heard of Obama.]

Daily Kos diary writeup about Iranian fears of Soros, et al.

If you haven’t heard this week’s This American Life, the first story on it is an Iranian false confessions, which tend to focus on “velvet revolution” or “color revolutions.”

This American Life Ep 286 - Fine Print

Theocrats of the world unite in your irrational hatred of George Soros!

Yeah, I just don’t get the stupid “Soros” boogeyman thing…they seem to be trying the same thing every time they utter ACORN like drooling idiots… oooooh…ooooooh…..<<right winger pissing pants>>  ooooooh ......ooooooh

I mean, WTF?  How lame.

What I find disgusting most about this stupid little fear video is how they peg every “foreign named” or “non-white” looking blogger they can and declare them “enemies” working in the shadows.

Gee…that’s not much of a veiled racist statement, is it?

That old Jew at the end looks like he probably just got done poisoning a well or masturbating with a fistful of Communion wafers.

Someone should stop him before he does Evil Jew Stuff again, like murdering my precious Savior and supporting non-white liberal bloggers.

I read a lot of liberal blogs and barely recognized any of those vaguely ethnic looking people.
  Where’s John Amato? Glenn Greenwald? Howie? Digby? Tom Tomorrow? Ariana Huffington? You know, the heavyweights of the Librosphere?  I’ll give them Dark Overlord Kos, but really.  Who were those people?

They really can’t stand Hte dAArkEEz, can they?

Thanks for the fix.

So. According to the fReichtards George Soros is guilty of:
1. Being Jewish, alive and in Europe before and after the Holocaust.
2. Rich.
3. Liberal (ie he doesn’t give his money to Conservatives, gee I wonder why).

Now, less than two months after some neo-Nazi fucker walked into the Holocaust museum and started shooting, dumb fucks run a blood red injunction to protect America from the evil Jew-supported LIEberuls.

Yeah. You know, if liberals were 1/10,000th as crazy and dangerous as these pants-staining nematodes claim we are, they’d all be compost due to various self-defense actions on our part.

As each picture flashed across the screen, I thought, “Surely they will not be so obvious as to show only The Brown People With Furren Sounding Names.” I guess I will never learn.

I see brown people.

Because I’m incurably curious I followed the links all the way to YouTube. The creator, one AntiPelosiFan, explains:

This is a short video used in presentations around the world.* It details the people that work behind the scenes pumping propaganda on the internet which is leading to the destruction of America. You don’t hear them, you don’t see them, but they tend to influence public policy through the evil organizations they are part of. They must be stopped. Take a stance. Protect America.

Hmmm. Evil people influencing policy behind the scenes. Where have I heard this before…?

I also notice he doesn’t give any information about himself.

Take a stance! Protect America! I’ll be hiding behind this couch!

*Where the sound track is drowned out by cries of Juden Raus!

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