American Family Association Spokesman Proposes “No New Mosques”

At all.  Not just the rather contentious “Ground Zero mosque” (which isn’t really at Ground Zero at all but never mind).  Raving lunatic asshole *Christian* Bryan Fischer, Director of Issues Analysis for the raving lunatic homophobic American Family Association feels that no new mosques should be formed in the U.S. unless they meet his specific criteria:

If a mosque was willing to publicly renounce the Koran and its 109 verses that call for the death of infidels, renounce Allah and his messenger Mohammed, publicly condemn Osama bin Laden, Hamas, and Abdelbaset al Megrahi (the Lockerbie bomber), maybe then they could be allowed to build their buildings. But then they wouldn’t be Muslims at that point, now would they?

He also expresses his *opinion* that every mosque is a training ground for radical jihadists.  This is actually rather toned down rhetoric for the guy who has previously suggested that teh gheys were responsible for the holocaust and, along with teh mooslins in control of our military.

Well, I’ve got an idea, Bryan.  Maybe if a church was willing to publicly renounce the Old Testament and its sections that call for all kinds of barbaric punishments for minor crimes as well as endorse slavery and human sacrifice, maybe then they could be allowed to build their buildings.  Deal?

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Radical Christianists like Fischer and radical Islamists like the Taliban have so darn much in common, including homophobia, intolerance, sexism and bigotry. They’d probably get along famously if they weren’t also convinced that the relatively minor differences in their respective interpretations of sky fairy myths didn’t damn each other to hell for heresy.

That’s why the latest book from Kos - American Taliban - is causing such paroxysms on the right. Before they’ve even read it.

Shorter Bryan Fischer: Muslims don’t contribute to my wingnut welfare paycheck, so fuck them!

Precisely what part of “freedom of religion” “freedom of speech” and “freedom of association” do these people not get?  Considering they spend all their time wanking over an aged copy of the constitution, do they ever get around to actually reading the F**king thing?

I think Fischer should also renounce the barbaric torture porn of the crucifixion. It’s only fair.

When the Catholic Church renounces sexism and allows women to be priests, then we can allow more churches to be built. In the meantime, let’s just tax the motherfuckers. Shit, a lot of big cities could reduce their deficits if they could collect tax revenues from religious institutions.

Or the R.C.C. could just promise to hand over suspected baby rapists to the cops.

Ha! Ha! Like THAT will ever happen.

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