Top Ten Reasons Why I’m a Democrat

(h/t and undying gratitude, TBogg)

You’re welcome, Roasters.  (Please persevere—don’t rob yourselves of the big finish.)


Just learned “Mr Showbiz,” above uses the “stage name” Third Eagle . . . more like Third Rail . . .

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He just needed to shift his keyboard a tad to stage left and it would have been perfect.

Oh, and Tapley’s past recent hits are here.

Here I was thinking the gay mouth sex stuff TBogg mentioned was going to be some kind of unintentional double-entendre but - nope.

This man is quite the rhymemaster, too! My favorite pairing was “derailed” rhymed with “will.”

What a dear old fellow. Seems to have a more than passing acquaintance with popular terminology for certain sexual acts, doesn’t he? Never mind. I went into the YouTube comments, and a few minutes and an exploding RFD chip or two later, boy am I chastised. He’s not just a wandering minstrel, so to speak— He is a Prophet! 

One of a prophet’s most important duties is to anoint the king. It’s the other, so called, end time prophets on´╗┐ YouTube and elsewhere who are failing in their duty.

Those other so-called end time YouTube prophets can go suck 666 eggs—I’ve got a king to anoint!

I have to admit I just don’t get it. A Republican president/congress put us in the mess that Obama is finally digging us out of, and Romney/Ryan have made NO indication that they won’t take us back to the policies that got us into the mess in the first place, and people want to vote for them? For God’s sake, WHY? Why go back to the same policies that brought us to the brink while making sure the rich stayed rich? Just…why? Is falling off the damn cliff really better than having a black president who tried to work with both parties? I get a lot of people are disillusioned that Obama didn’t bully his way through his first term, but Jesus, are people so damn blind that they really don’t understand what’s going to happen if we go back to the Bush years? REALLY?


At least the tempo is just right for shuffling around with a walker. ....step…close…step…close….

That dude from Flock Of Seagulls did not age well.

You all laugh, but I have just this second renounced my feminazi LIEberal ways. Behold the power of song!

And they say the liberals have all the rock stars.

I’m now ready to wave the white flag in the culture war - what about you all?

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