America’s Movie Theaters Held Hostage — Day 2: Open Thread

Yeah, I forgot the Reality Show. But who hasn’t?

Anyway, I’m not laughing yet. By all accounts, this thing could be bigger than Beastmaster.

[UPDATE:] Harry Potter has a $91 million Friday. Sarah pulls in $29,000. We’re doomed.

[UPDATE:] While we’re waiting for news about today’s movie crowds, please enjoy this delightful musical interlude, below the fold:

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Read at Balloon Juice yesterday that a primetime showing in Atlanta earned a 5-minute standing O.  Not sure how many were in the theater.  Can one person being a standing O?

(I’m usually lying down but that’s just me.  Oh wait…)  :)

It’s been sold-out in a number of the showings in the ten cities. I think they even had to add a screen in Atlanta. But we’re not talking about Yankee Stadium here.

The real test will be whether or not AMC decides to expand the release to 1,000 theaters nationwide. I think we all remember how Fahrenheit 91/1 was the key factor in the election of President Kerry. We might be about to see lightning strike twice.

WE ARE… SPA- !!!

Larry O’Connor’s hit piece on Freiserdorf over the empty theater story on BH has to be seen to be believed.

Hey, if there were really six tickets sold instead of just three, America needs to know!

...although I guess that does kind of ruin the narrative I’ve read elsewhere that Frieserdorf bribed a projectionist to run a “fake” midnight screening so that he could “pretend” to report on it.

But still—even if it did happen the way Frieserdorf reported, it’s not true, and hats off to O’Connor to pointing out the difference between facts and truth, so good Americans can appreciate the distinction.

Must not make jokes about blowing or skin ...

In her defense, I get the feeling the orchestra was more accustomed to working with strippers.

Harry Potter has a $91 million Friday. Sarah pulls in $29,000.

Time to write a bunch of articles explaining that Harry Potter is an extremely conservative movie - certainly in the top 50 most conservative.

@ XG - LOL, exactly.

And don’t forget the OTHER articles, which blame the Liberul Lame Stream Media for pretending to care about the HP movie so it didn’t have to mention the SP movie.

Time to write a bunch of articles explaining that Harry Potter is an extremely conservative movie - certainly in the top 50 most conservative.

Harry Potter uses magic to combat Moral Evil in a totally Manichean Universe, just like Marcus Bachmann.

Why do you guys hate America? Seriously, the Palin epic changed our nation. Deal with it, losers.

Tenk you ladeez and gennelmen.  And if our Sarah was just a quarter tone flat, and her intonation was somewhat blatty and lackluster, join me in blaming somebody else.  Because in this great country of ours that we live in here, it doesn’t matter if you can actually do, think, write, accomplish, or say anything of value.  What matters is that you have a dream, and that everyone, of all races and creeds and religions, be happy for you.  Good night, and good night.

I care very much about Harry Potter for one reason:  Alan Rickman.  He BETTER be in this movie for more than ten minutes.

Good news for you, then. Rickman gets a good 12-15 minutes of screen time before he’s impaled with a Quiddich broom by the Spirit of the Sorting Hat, which has been the hidden, final piece of Voldemort’s soul all along.

Thanks for spoiling it for me, Strange!  But I do love a good impaling.

Who in their right mind debuts a 2-hour political documentary in the middle of the summer blockbuster season?

Well, i guess i answered my own question.

Flutes would be a lot easier to play in tune if they had fixed holes or frets.

1.  She looks cross-eyed, or else is being continually goosed. 

2.  When your accompanyment is louder than you are, it’s a sign of practicing half-heartedly, but we already knew that.

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