An Open Letter to the Rick Scott Voters Who Finally Figured It Out


Dear Rick Scott Voters Who Finally Figured It Out:

So, I see some of you have changed your minds about your vote in the last Florida gubernatorial election! Rick Scott squeaked into office with 49% of the vote, besting Democratic opponent Alex Sink by barely one percent. However, a recent poll reveals that Scott would lose to Sink by 20 points if the election were held today.

But you know what, Rick Scott Voters Who Finally Figured It Out? The election was NOT held today, you stupid, stupid motherfuckers! It was held in November, and while it’s apparently news to you drooling idiots that Scott is a crook, it was widely known by everyone in the state with an IQ eclipsing that of a Peeps marshmallow treat well in advance of the election.

You brainless ninnies are very lucky internet technology has not advanced to the point that I can reach through the screen and snatch you bald-headed to match the ambulatory dildo you empowered with the governorship. However, these are your current instructions: Make a fist (with either hand). Now, start punching yourself in the face, and don’t stop until January 6, 2015. Fuckers.

Posted by Betty Cracker on 03/29/11 at 04:40 PM • Permalink

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Quit holding back.  What do you really think?

Make a fist (with either hand). Now, start punching yourself in the face, and don’t stop until January 6, 2015. Fuckers.

You’re WAY too kind Betty. My instructions to them are: Dig out the plastic sheeting and duct tape you stupid bastards let Bushco scare you into buying.Wrap sheeting tightly around your face and use the duct tape to form an air tight seal. Breath deeply until January 6 , 2015 , or until you expire , whichever comes first.

Sharing widely via Twitter, Facebook, smoke signals, and grabbing people on the street and forcing them to read a printout.

Your kindred spirit in Ohio shares your pain and frustration. Just yesterday I was speaking to a woman who has worked for County Human Services for thirty years. She said the new Kasich Fuck You Budget Cuts are so severe that they are having to turn away mentally ill patients from the facility. She said there are patients who are potentially dangerous to themselves and to others.

She said she’s scared.

Well said Donnah!

As soon as I read this article, I immediately thought about giving the same FU to the idiot voters of my poor state of OH (and to those fools who stayed at home for the mid-terms) for cursing us with Kasich.

Buyer’s remorse is too late.  People need to wake up and take their vote seriously when it counts.  The amount of damage that can be done between one bad decision election and the next chance to correct it is way too great.

Yeah, we suffer the consequences for the brain dead assoholes that brought all these POS governors (and other officials) upon us… which is truly a painful curse on those of us who did our job and spoke out against such morons and tried to vote for sanity but lost out to the moron masses…

Betty C., if you were not a married woman with boxers, I would propose to you on the spot.  This post is a tonic for my weary soul.  We were thisclose to having an equally-disastrous situation in Minnesota.  THISCLOSE.

What, no knuckle dusters?

Also, I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to take a splintery 2x4 to any fauxgressives who think this will teach Democrats a lesson. Let me check the rule book ...

No, my mistake. It’s a crowbar.

Betty, in addition to broadcasting this to my general tweestream, I made a point of sending it directly to Joy Reid, of The Reid Report.

Her reply:

Funny.As.Hell. TY, @allanbrauer! An Open Letter to the Rick Scott Voters Who Finally Figured It Out via @rumproast

And she added a link to her latest post.

Oh, never mind, I see you two have found each other in the comments. Joy Reid kicks ass!

Won’t this wake up naive centrist Democrats, and turn them into firebrand take-no-prisoners “Real Democrats” who can ride conquistador style over the electoral landscape like Alan Grayson? I can smell victory! Or, even better, a loss on principles.

On a related note. -left-or-republican-spin.html

Comment by rootless_e on 03/29/11 at 08:23 PM

Voters in Florida need to get busy with a recall petition.  If even a little is true that this guy wants to start drug-testing as many folk as he can to the benefit of his company (now run by his wife) they need to get that boodler out.

How they thought that his previous fradulent behavior and humungous fine qualified him for higher office is beyond me.


Betty, you never cease to amaze me.  You literally “crack” me up when I read these posts.  Also, thanks for the Reid blog link.  I’ve added her to my favorites!

On a related note.

That is really an excellent piece rootless.  I hope many more people read it.  Of course the ones who need to will just dismiss it as propaganda.

Betty, do you think a recall election has any chance of getting momentum?

RE: Recall, there is no current mechanism, unfortunately. A bill has been introduced into the House, but it would have to pass through the state legislature, which has a Republican super-majority. Scott is pissing off the GOP too, but I don’t think they’d take down their own gov.

@ Joy—thanks! Yes, the Reid Report rocks. Just discovered it myself.

This is the typical stuff I hear from liberals all the time.  Low class no class.

I can sympathize, dixie. I hear stuff like your comment from Ron Paul supporters and Beck lovers all the time too.

dixie and her sick, repugnant ilk have no right to call themselves Americans.

(That’s really apropos of nothing. It was just a lot of fun to type.)

Yes—because nothing says “class” like adopting an online handle reminiscent of a song celebrating the Southern “heritage” of raping, torturing, murdering, and enslaving other human beings.

dixie and her sick, repugnant elk

Aha. A Palinite also. Well spotted, Strange.

I was reading from the bottom up (forgot it wasn’t the Rumper Room), and I thought we were talking about the Dixie Chicks.  Alas, we were talking about a dixie chick.  Not the same thing at all.

Scott is hearing it too, Dixie, and not just from liberals. Heh!

I only can stand “Dixie” in combination with “Carter” and “Chicks.”

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