And In OTHER NH Debate Non-Candidate Non-Appearance News


Yeah, SHE wasn’t there, but what other celebripol just happened to be in New Hampshire to swipe at Mittens on his big day, AND has been compared to Mussolini, AND knows how to work a pair of pumps?

Alarmingly, my former mayor, who once went through a costive New York like a dose of salts, could turn out to be a tonic a sufficiently amnesiac America might feel like taking, although, like Our Sarah, he is powerfully drawn to money and easy adulation versus all that unremunerative public service. He certainly wouldn’t have folded like a T-Paw given the opportunity to garotte the big bland Mormon that John King presented Pawlenty. 

Thanks to Republicans’ mistrust of Rudy’s flexibility on fetal citizenship, and his wonderful Floridian miscalculation last election cycle,  we probably won’t have to worry about Democracy’s End of Days at the hands of the irascible Bunkerboy and his delightful dog-killing wife, but considering the current lot of declared Republicans managed to make Michele Bachmann look viable, it might be a good idea to keep an eye on America’s mayor, just in case.

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Which of his wives was this?  Apparently you can’t be a viable Repub candidate without a few ex-es trailing you (although in Newt’s case he conveniently waited until they had terminal diseases before discarding them). 

All in all the Republican field is somewhat scary beyond belief at this point.  The term “laughable” comes to mind also but, good lord, what if one of them were to win? (cue Psycho shower music)

OK, Mar, now you’re just scaring me…

Mar, the latest wife, Giudi Ruliani—um, I mean Judy Giuliani, was Rudy’s second known mistress (Christyne Lategano, his press secretary, who, despite a personality like a brillo-pickle sandwich, thanks to him, landed a sweet sweet deal heading up the Visitor’s Bureau was the first. That we know about).

Judy (she hates being called that :^}) famously not only demonstrated medical stapling on dogs (many of whom died during the procedure, the rest being killed afterwards), but was a primary, as it were, liability in Rudy’s Fla. loss, though there were plenty of others, as the Freepers discuss after this juicy Daily News article, here.

There’s probably not much danger of Rudy’s going anywhere in any party; I just want to keep it that way. And I have to add that when the Weiner story broke, Rudy, who brazenly invited the press to accompany his still-married self and his mistress on a long romantic walk on Mother’s Day, of course had to open his big mouth. It was, however, perhaps his first sentence of the decade not to contain the words “Nine Eleven.”

Don’t even bother with all the links. Obviously, Rudy frosts my cookies, and nobody else really gives a tinker’s damn.  But if he actually does jump in, people will come running to this post, I know it!

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