And Let Me Tell You One More Thing About The Wingnut, Mr Spicer


Sean Spicer is pissed, PISSED!! I tell you, that, somehow or other, the public have identified racist old right-wing desert moocher, Cliven Bundy, with The Party of Lincoln-Inside-the-Beltway.  Sacré Bleu!

In his own words:

The issue with Cliven Bundy has absolutely nothing to do with his party, zero.  He is a Nevada rancher that had a beef with the federal government’s continued overreach and suddenly this became a question when he made some inappropriate comments about what every Republican needs to answer for. That’s absolutely ridiculous. [Full video rant here]

Now, I truly don’t believe that all Republicans are racists, homophobes, conspiracy theorists, junk-scientists, theocrats, revisionists or misogynists.  They just pander to those groups for votes.  And those groups vote for Republicans because a) Republicans pander to them and b) Republican policies more closely comport with said groups’ respective ideologies than other parties.

Additionally, Fox News has carved out a media niche specializing in dog-whistling for conservative votes based on the neuroses listed above.  For their part, Republican Party leadership say nary a discouraging word no matter how Fox News skews and screws with news events to keep their far-right audience in a “let-me-at-that-ballot” lather.

These are the people you court, GOP.  These are the people you incense and suborn to carry you on their shoulders to the seats of power.  And you do it by feeding their fever dreams, by misleading, by propagandizing, by denying facts and revising history . . . literally anything to secure a vote.

So, when your proxies inevitably embarrass you in public, by hurling their peculiar beliefs thither and yon, you’re bound to get some of that on you.

Did anyone in the Republican Party establishment really believe that it was a good idea to hold up Cliven Bundy as a paragon of American civic virtue?  But did anyone in that same Republican Party establishment try, even a little bit, to temper the debate?  Bundy is a scofflaw moocher, a “taker” to use your vernacular, spouting sedition to a gang of heavily armed people with nothing better to do than lock and load, jump in the F-150 and light out cross-country to play “my gun’s bigger than yours” with a couple of federal agents doing their job. [Maybe someone should teach them to pick cotton?]

Cliven Bundy should have had his welfare cows seized long ago.  The government was a lot less patient with me, I can attest, when $300 of income tax was in dispute.  And don’t you have to wonder a little about the sanity of a guy who does owe the government a boatload of money and decides, instead of laying low, he’d like to wax philosophical for national TV cameras?

Does anyone in the Republican Party establishment honestly think that if a bunch of “lefty” students holed up on the UNLV campus to protest income inequality that Bundy’s Vigilantes would ride to the rescue if the cops tried to round up the kids?  You own this nightmare, Republicans.  You are the ones who have tried to set Americans against their own government, fiddled while your surrogates fanned that flame, and you will own the consequences.

There are disgruntled, alienated, hateful and, in some cases, downright delusional people on the fringe of American society, today, who are itching for a fight.  A big fight.  And this old wingnut, with the help of Fox News, the odd attention-seeking Republican presidential hopeful, and his own GOP senator came awfully close to setting some of them off.  Those media pundits idling through yet another protracted Congressional recess, and similarly idling politicians were more than happy to jump in front of a camera and endorse who Cliven Bundy was and what he was doing long before anyone really knew a whole lot about either. 

But who cares, right? because the base LOVES it.

And, for better or worse, this kind of stuff goes around the world in 30 seconds these days— every mis-spoken word in a Town Hall meeting, every red-meat campaign promise, every incendiary resolution read into the Congressional Record, every fringe rant in a statehouse floor fight is examined and amplified and cannot be so easily disowned.

The blessings of technology mean that we must be more vigilant, more careful, perhaps even more truthful in politics because the stakes have never been higher for the wellbeing of our country.

Bob Dole, an elder statesman of your own party, Mr Spicer, recently had this to say about your own organization, the Republican National Committee:

I think they ought to put a sign on the national committee doors that says closed for repairs.

I agree with Mr Dole.  You have lost control of your party.  The inmates now run the asylum.  You, and your party’s leadership, Mr Spicer, have allowed your formerly honorable political party to be hijacked by fringe elements and extremists. 

And you have not only abetted the hijacking, you’ve celebrated it.  So, you’ll have to forgive the sane people of this country if we have a hard time buying the idea that your party still deserves our respect, or even the benefit of the doubt.

You built it, remember?  It’s yours to repair.  Or burn down.

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I suspect they’ll take the latter option, just because logic left the building a long, long time ago.

Unfortunately, there really haven’t been any polls taken among the general public, so it’s hard to tell how people felt pre-“Let me tell you what I know about the Negro.” But I have a really hard time imagining that the American people were ever going to unite behind this jackass. This always struck me as a classic 90’s-style right-wing outrage - the kind of thing that whipped the wingnuts into a nice frenzy, but which really just confused the normals who don’t spend half their lives reading political blogs.

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