And Then A Hero Comes Along . . .


Senior Statesman and the Keystone Kops Republican Party’s No. 2 man in Congress, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Loon Stare State), distinguished himself last night by being up late and one of the first US legislators to publicly react to the news that a breakthrough agreement with Iran had been reached over its nuclear enrichment program.

Upon learning that the US and other world leaders had successfully taken a first step in preventing Iran from building its own nuclear weapons,  Cornyn took to the Twitter with this provocative assessment:


And, in one masterful move, Cornyn managed to diss Obama, make clear what his own priorities are and become an overnight favorite contender for Stupidest Tweet of the 21st Century.

And, apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks so . . .


And that’s only the tippy-tippy-top of the troll scroll.  Well played Sen. Cornyn, sir.  Well played.

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Yes, and apparently France, Germany, Great Britain, China and Russia are equally concerned about deflecting attention from Obamacare so they went along with the U.S. on this.  What a moran.

BooMan noted that their response to the change in the Senate filibuster rules was also to characterize it as an attempt to distract attention from the ACA website troubles.

Since they are obsessed with the subject then of course everyone is and all of their actions only revolve around Obamacare just like everyone thought about nothing but BENGHAAAZIII11! previously.  (And as we know, Lindsey Graham, at least, is still focused on Benghazi.)

And in the meantime the rest of us are either not affected by the ACA (with employer provided insurance) or are happily signing up for affordable coverage which they couldn’t get before.

Man, that perfidious Obama and his ability to walk and chew gum at the same time!  I bet he had breakfast today, in order to distract the media from Obamacare.

Interesting that he mentioned distracting from Obamacare.

Which, btw, is doing better…I signed up easily and got something my family can afford because of the help being given and the fact that my asthma, high bp, and other issues can’t be counted against me.

Wait, wouldn’t he prefer to distract from the fact that O-care is starting to work the way it should?

TPM has a nice story about 2 people who signed up in Kentucky, namely their reactions to finding out that they have coverage now.  One guy hooted and said “I guess I’m a Democrat now”.  That right there explains everything about the opposition/obstruction to ACA.

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