And then the Earth fell off its axis and started hurtling toward the Sun…

Michelle Malkin & Michelle Bachmann

The guy behind Michelle Malkin and Michelle Bachmann is throwing up into an air sickness bag.

[Twitpic via Virgotex]

UPDATE: Yes, someone actually wrote this on Malkin’s TwitPic page...


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The combined density of those two threatens to realign the solar system.

Need to let Semper Vigilo know that she needs to add Oily Taintz to her list of courageous conservative women.  Maybe, if Ann Coulter was present, she and the rest could spread purple Crisco over each other and drink purple Jesus (I know that Bachmann would like that). 

From an interview with Coulter: -dead-sorority-mixer-memories,16244/

Comment by sunkawakan on 07/30/09 at 11:51 AM

Here’s the original Coulter interview with Taylor Hill. 

Comment by sunkawakan on 07/30/09 at 11:57 AM

Sadly, failure to participate in the census means your nonexistence is only statistical, not literal.

Aside:  I knew a girl back in high school who received a serious second degree burn to her neck when she tried to iron the collar of her blouse while she was wearing it.

In the Semper Vigilo universe, would she be classified as smart, courageous, or both?

Actually, Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter WERE there.  Just before this picture was snapped, they were caught in the vortex created by the vacuums inside Malkin and Bachmann’s heads and sucked through their earholes.  If you look closely you can see their screaming faces plastered up against the pupils of their new hosts’ eyes.


I think I see it!  And do I detect a hint of purple Crisco in Malkin’s hair?

BTW, Malkin and Bachmann’s breasts are touching.  Does anyone see anything wrong with that?

Someone’s got to make a Doublemint pong-pong ball joke—and it should not be me.

This must be what they warned us about when they fired up CERN.

And I’m callin’ shenanigans on SemperVigilo.  No one can be that stupid. My worldview does not support such thoughts.

I would like to see all of their birth certificates.  This will be helpful in determining their gender, race and true ages.

And I’m callin’ shenanigans on SemperVigilo.  No one can be that stupid. My worldview does not support such thoughts.

I suggest Planet Mars, AFAIK Thatcher is still on Planet Earth.

Of those 4 courageous ladies, Coulter would call Thatcher a Socialist for getting rid of CFCs in fridges, Michelle Baachman would be well, Michelle Baachman, Sarah Palin was so courageous she quit and Malkin would go once the photographers left.

Is this breast rubbing together some secret female Heritage Foundation Sign? 

CUFI?  Rapture NOW!

If you introduced 4 Republican women to Margaret Thatcher now, given her current state of mind, wouldn’t she think Sinn Fein and have them shot?

Maybe it’s just me, but if I saw either of those blank-eyed zombettes coming my way, I’d hie me to a monastery.

And you just know Bachmann washed her hands after that shot.

Been vacationing for the last 10+ days in Mallorca and Barcelona and as I was reading the comments, my Spanish sister-in-law Ceci says, (in spanish…of course) ¨I know nothing of American politics, but clearly those two putas are crazy as shit¨, and ¨are they making the guy in the back throw-up?¨

I´m glad I missed this whole Gates non-sense…Samuel Eto´o is much funnier!

My Mallorcan family is considered right-wing, which here puts them slightly to the left of Jimmy Carter.

Michelle Bachmann thought that Michelle Malkin was the cleaning lady, and took a pic with her because that is her way of giving back to the less fortunate ones. LOL

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