Another Activist Lawyer-in-Black-Robes Declares Health Care Reform “Unconstitutional”

Once again, Conservatives use their degenerate Reagan-appointed patsies on the Federal Bench to subvert the Law and violate the will of We the People, dagnabbit.

Posted by StrangeAppar8us on 01/31/11 at 03:32 PM • Permalink

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I wonder how long it will take for the case to get to the Supreme Court…

Whenever something stupid happens in Florida, there’s a good chance my old hometown, Pensacola, is involved.

How embarrassing.

I don’t know Florida. The Schiavo mess, Brooks Brothers Riot, Mark Foley, Rick Scott. Now this. I hate to say this but we’re going to have to sell you to Cuba.

So my question is this:  How worried should I be that the SCOTUS will overturn the healthcare reform bill?  And, how many conservatives should I punch in the junk for coming up with this lame-ass shit about the individual mandate being unconstitutional, even though it was their idea in the first place?

Sorry, Betty ;)

Good news is there’s no injunction, so the law stays in force until the case gets to the Supreme Court sometime in the next two years. By that time, Communism should be firmly in place.

Also, Judge Vinson is probably wrong.

How worried should I be that the SCOTUS will overturn the healthcare reform bill?

This article points out that at least two justices (Thomas and Scalia, surprise, surprise) have already indicated where they stand on the commerce clause.  However the fact that the other seven seem inclined not to question how it’s been interpreted over time seems reassuring.

Time for a commercial break: re=BF&list=QL&index=14

Comment by Bob Stanley on 01/31/11 at 08:45 PM

..then, before anyone knew what was happening, there was Jell-O everywhere, Bob Crane was naked and Richard Dawson was humping the coat rack, as Werner Klemperer and John Banner fell to the floor in a frenzy of hungry hands and darting tongues. The End.

marindenver, I had already written those two off.  It’s the three other right-leaning/conservative judges about whom I’m worried.  But, I do think that for now, I can stand down.

I hate to say this but we’re going to have to sell you to Cuba.

Well, in that case Floridians will enjoy universal health care, high literacy rates, effective hurricane evacuation planning and good quality, cheap cigars and rum.

Of course, the hereditary Castro dictatorship thing would be kind of a drag. But I’m not sure it would be appreciably worse than the governorship of newly elected reptilian crook Rick Scott, aside from not having an opportunity to rectify that mistake in a subsequent election…

It was all Megyn could do to keep from licking her lips in arousal as she read that.

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