Apart From That, Mr. Lincoln, How Did You Like The Play?

lincoln says thumbs down!
The Kwittin’ Image swooped in for a cameo, the Weeping Hamster thrilled to his own voice while conferring Wingnut Decorations upon some Rotary Club presidents, and there were more black entertainment acts than the Stax 50th anniversary concert. The Special Ops Warriors Foundation gets a boatload of money in exchange for providing cover for the Cuddly Savonarola, and everybody’s happy! Isn’t that what counts?

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It’s traditional at this point for a knockdown debate to ensue about how HUGH!!1! an event this was.

I’m still reeling from the change in history, but here’s the pic being touted as proof of its HUGHNESS!!1!

And here’s a larger version the BBC’s put out. Bloody commies.

YAFB, there’s no doubt that was a lot of people, but I see their density remains mostly in their heads.

I’m glad that a decent charity gets a nice payday from this. I’m also glad that their involvement turned the event into a red-meat-free snoozefest that showed exactly how unexciting Palin and Beck are when they’re deprived of negative messages.

I’m glad that a decent charity gets a nice payday from this.

I hope so. But their cut comes after the rally expenses are cleared, and given the claims of 0.5-2 million people attending ...

Anyway, Google strikes again. This from Twitter:

Ha ha I googled “Sarah Palin rally boring” and the result said “Did you mean Sarah Palin really boring?” @SarahPalinUSA
1 minute ago

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