Apparently, this is Some Kind of “New Year”

As a New Year’s Day “miracle”, the House of Representatives succeeded in dropping the “Hastert Rule” (a formality that left Speaker of the House John Boehner’s hands tied regarding any bill that didn’t appeal to the “majority of the majority”) permiting the Speaker, who had recently recited the Serenity Prayer on the floor of the House,to look to a Higher Power to get shit done—namely Nancy Pelosi, who actually doesn’t have a problem getting her caucus to do things. Thus, the fiscal cliff bill passed overwhelmingly by the Senate was given its chance in the House, where it received enough bipartisan votes to make it into law.

Is it a good bill? Well, it isn’t better than nothing as far as deficits go. Nothing, just going off the fiscal cliff and that’s that, would have done some good re: spending and revenues, but I think its sort of anti-stimulus effect might have retarded growth and f’d up the GDP and other things that make us look like we’re slogging our way out of recession. Or even more wretchedly, we’d have to get used to people saying stuff like “double-dip recession”. What is that supposed to mean? I know what a double-dip ice cream cone is. Double dip recession just sounds like we were in a recession and, guess what? Still are—again!  That’s dumb. Why wouldn’t we call it “post-fake-recovery” or something like that? But anyhow, we are in the midst of a recovery, and I’m kind of glad Congress didn’t decide to screw with it too much.Because in the long run, I’m less concerned with deficits than I am with regular people not getting so totally shafted as they could have been regarding UI benefits, and stuff.

Does it signify anything in particular for the GOP-held House?  I think—maybe? Cantor was against the change on the Hastert rule and this bill, and maybe Boehner’s decision to put the outcome of this legislation in the hands of a power greater than himself is a harbinger of a challenge to his Speakership. All I really know for sure is that this kind of looks like a Dem win, doesn’t it? 

You can tell me if I’m wrong.

Posted by Vixen Strangely on 01/01/13 at 11:45 PM • Permalink

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I’m just glad there was a budge on taxes even after all the pledges to not raise taxes. More than a few had to break that pledge, didn’t they? Wonder what their constituents are going to say, especially those of the TP persuasion.

Really, still hoping the GOP implodes. :P

Definitely a Dem win.  The extension of unemployment benefits alone was huge*.  Which should demoralize the Rethugs going into the next *battle* over raising the debt limit again.  McOffmylawn, Closetcase, McConnell & a few others are shrieking about how they will again hold the debt limit hostage to achieve major spending cuts in SS & Medicare but the huge caves yesterday and today by Rethugs make that scenario look implausible.

Best win of all - pledge or no pledge the vast majority of Republican Congresspeeps voted for a tax increase.  And once you go there, you just can’t go back.  ;-)

*Despite the wailing and keening of certain *progressive* voices that once again Obummer caved and we were totally sold out!

I started looking for information on “double-dip recession”, but this is as far as I got.

Comment by Frank Stone on 01/02/13 at 03:11 AM

. . . . permiting the Speaker, who had recently recited the Serenity Prayer on the floor of the House,to look to a Higher Power to get shit done—namely Nancy Pelosi, who actually doesn’t have a problem getting her caucus to do things.

Way to start the New Year, @Vixen, with a sweeeeet piece of quotable snark!

I, certainly, count this as an Obama win.  And, one day, I suspect the Obama legend will be that he was able to serve two terms, and make major long-term policy changes while thoroughly out on a limb.  Progressives need to STFU.  It’d be interesting to see how a hard-line progressive would have made out in Obama’s place (and I think they know).

Is good. The unemployment benefits can’t be stressed enough—- more families hitting the streets is too tragic to allow. It was worth fighting for that alone, but plenty of progress has been made to make the rich pay some more. It’s also fun watching the Senate whacking the noses of Republican nuts in the House with a newspaper. Bad dogs! No pooping on the floor!

It’s definitely a win for our side, by which I mean the country at large.

I’m happy that taxes went up and unemployment benefits were saved, but there’s still that matter of kicking the can down the road until March.  I’m kinda sorta optimistic about it on the whole, though.

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