Appeal: Help a fellow blogger do some good

We don’t often run appeals here, and this is a slightly unusual one, for a cause dear to the heart of an old pal of Rumproast’s, Thers of Whiskey Fire and Eschaton (who played a key role in helping us do our bit to get the Elizabeth Warren vid to go viral). Here’s what he has to say:

(Sorry, begging, but) It’s All Fun and Games…

... until somebody loses a gym.

I lost my gym to a flood! That’s just weird…
There are lots of people in our little corner of the world who have lost their homes and their jobs, and we still have both. I go to our Y to work out and to go swimming with my kids. Other people go there to work and put food on their families.

Ah fuck. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m trying to guilt you into sending some money to help some of our local flood victims.

The lamented gym notwithstanding, Thers now reports that the appeal he launched in that post is doing well:

So You Know

Thanks all who contributed to the flood money begging. Molly I&I, we’re overwhelmed. On Friday we’ll release the totals, but what we have now is a good chunk of dough—and we’ve decided to give it all to our local YMCA’s child care/crafts center to replace the toys, puzzles, games, Legos, and art supplies they lost. We know and trust these folks; they have been good to our family, and they are truly committed to serving our community. They in this case are us.

If you sent in, you’ve made a kid happier. Thank you.

And we’re all in this together: thank you all. May we someday have the government we deserve.

We know that money’s tight and there are loads of good causes vying for your attention and cash nowadays, but if you can spare any amount for what Thers is putting together, just go to Whiskey Fire before tomorrow, hit the Tip Jar, and include the word “flood” in your donation message.

Thanks, folks.

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Done! I hate when my toys are soggy.

I donated yesterday… FOR THE CHILDREN!

Though I feel a bit Ron Paulish about the whole thing, private donations and charity and all.

Did it for the children.  We are the world…we are the children….

Which actually means I was doing it for myself.

Wish I could help, but we’re barely able to make the bills. (Actually, technically, we can’t make the bills, I’m just damn good at round robining who gets paid when. :P)

Thanks guys. You all here are longstanding pals.

Blogs are cool to our communities, and to each other.

Or that’s what we shoot for.

Domynoe, it’s cool. You’re an American with a big heart. That’s a win already.

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