Appoint Harriet Christian Senator for New York!!! Wait ... waaaahh ... really?!?

Just when you thought those persnickety and petulant PUMAs couldn’t get any goofier or EPIC FAIL-prone, Caroline “Obot” Kennedy’s pursuit of Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat has, once again, pushed them over the ledge of laughable ludicrousness. Late last week they launched a web site to announce that Harriet Christian “has approached NY Governor David Paterson’s office seeking consideration in her quest for the appointment to the US Senate as Senator for New York” (“press release” here).  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Harriet Christian (you lucky duckies), here’s her renowned introduction to the world following the RBC meeting in DC on May 31st:

To the best of our knowledge, the first time the idea of appointing Harriet Christian surfaced via a snarky commenter on a Facebook forum titled “Informal Survey for Hillary’s Replacement” long-lost PUMA leader Will Bower was frequenting:

Double wrote at 6:52am on December 9th, 2008
I can’t believe no one has suggested Harriet Christian yet. She is the best nominee possible and she’s no second-class citizen. She will not shut her mouth anymore. She supports equality for all of us. It’s about time we stood up for it.

Well, they asked for it and they got it.  The site hit the ground stumbling with a truly guffaw-worthy header image:

Appoint Harriet Christian Senator for New York

Why is this so funny?  Because of all of the pictures of Harriet they had to choose from for this faux-campaigning photoshoppery, they picked this one from AP:

Harriet Christian
A security guard tries to get Harriet Christian to leave the hall after she started yelling she was going to vote for Sen. John McCain after the Democratic National Committee Rules and Bylaws committee voted what to do with Florida and Michigan delegates during their meeting in Washington, Saturday, May 31, 2008.

In the following video you can behold Harriet’s batshit crazy, pro-McCain meltdown that preceded the above photo. You can see her get up from her seat at the RBC meeting at about the 2:30 mark and her “McCain in ‘08!” chants start about a minute later. And then all hell breaks loose at the end.  It’s nearly as much of a must-see as her infamous Firedoglake video:

So, yeah, imagine that unleashed in the United States Senate. Yikes.

The rest of the “Appoint Harriet P. Christian” site is a full-on hoot as well, including the “endorsements” from PUMAs (shhh, don’t tell them which ones are spoofs!) and Harriet’s “resume,” which includes the following appointment-worthy accomplishments:

  • Doesn’t know any celebrities
  • Knows what it’s like to make ends meet
  • A real persons person
  • Knows the issues and problems facing everyday New Yorkers - she has lived it
  • Never had any songs written for her
  • Her Father was never President
  • Experience - As much, if not more than Caroline Kennedy!  but that shouldn’t matter!

If none of that convinces you Harriet is the best nominee possible (“willing to fight the good fight for the citizens of New York”), here’s a quote about Obama supporters from her interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto in early June that speaks volumes:

“99% of the blacks don’t even know why they’re voting for him.  How can we allow this?”

And how can we not allow Harriet Christian to represent all New Yorkers in the upper house of the bicameral United States Congress after reading quotes like that? David Paterson, now it’s up to you to prove you’re not like 99% of the blacks and do the right thing.


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I’m sure President McCain will enjoy working with Senator Harriet.

Until this morning, I actually thought Harriet’s site was a deep snark site. YesToDemocracy has the same graphic in its header as was on the “experience” tab on the Harriet site, and remembering Patrick Fitzgerald’s blog, I thought I smelled a rat. But it was just some puddy tats. That civet odor can be overpowering.

No, it’s real. I’m pretty sure the woman who does the No We Won’t BTR show set it up. To be honest, even I don’t think they’re delusional enough to think this’ll work, but are probably hoping it’s enough to generate some press for their floundering, ahem, movement.  I think even Cavuto will take a pass on this bullshit, though.

“99% of the blacks don’t even know why they’re voting for him.  How can we allow this?”

To be fair, Harriett was only 10 years old when African-Americans gained full citizenship. I’m sure she’ll work them into her willingness to fight the good fight for New Yorkers. You know, a chicken in every pot, a car in every garage and a colored person of one’s own to cook the chicken and clean the car.

Harriet, sweet Harriet

Comment by iceberg wedge on 12/29/08 at 11:40 AM

BTW, sandipuma may be taking the lead as my favorite PUMA Packer:

sandipuma 12.29.08 at 9:44 am

  I had 5 hours sleep and had to get up and get in here to see what is going on.I was on the phone with a puma here in our town and we are planing a sort of like picketing thingy in the front of the Democratic Headquarters here.Signs saying We want Equal Rights with equal pay.Womens Rights,Fair and Honest Government.Women are not second class citizens and so on and so on.With join on the top of the signs.Then work on getting a march organized here.And if one is organized in Cali we will go there and march also and other surrounding states.Make us heard loud and clear.Get attention and get the news more aware we are here and not cow downing and here to stay strong.Dang if empty headed Caroline wants to be a Senator well there are thirteen year old kids who could do a better job.

Cow downing.

I think I’m in love.

Is cow downing anything like cow tipping?

Is cow downing anything like cow tipping?

Not sure.  Maybe she meant cow drowning.

“Cow downing”...!  LOL!

I think that should be our new lingo for snarking righteous PUMA indignation…  ;)


Following her son Bernie Goetz’s model of post-inadvertant novelty act notoriety decay, the first time she runs for office,she gets one more go-round with the talking heads, but this time not in studio. Subsequent runs, she gets a mention and a still photo, then just a mention, then she is handing out Xeroxed flyers about herself at street fairs to baffled apathetic tube-sock shoppers.

I’m pretty sure the woman who does the No We Won’t BTR show set it up.

Is that taggles?  Murphy seems to be crediting her for most of it and she’s speaking for HC in some of the comments.

“Cow downing.”  Hmmm.  Kow towing?  Beats me.

It also beats me why they’re not cleaning up the comments/“endorsements” on that site.  Do they really not see that about half are pure parody?  Cuz if any media do get on to this I think they will be seeing it and having a pretty good laugh at PUMA expense.  Oh, please, please, please!

Cow Downing—related to Will Downing, no doubt.

and, my god, I hope when I’m dead my neck looks better than Ms. Christian’s!

Is that taggles?  Murphy seems to be crediting her for most of it and she’s speaking for HC in some of the comments.

Yep, that’s her.

“Cow downing.” Hmmm.  Kow towing?  Beats me.

Kowtowing had to be what she meant.  I just never imagined anyone could mangle that word as bad as she did.  Has she really been saying cow downing her whole life?

It also beats me why they’re not cleaning up the comments/“endorsements” on that site.

It’s probably too hard for them to tell the real comments from the parodies because they’re blithering idiots. We can tell, but, you know, we’re like smart and stuff.

Sandi may be one of the “first-adopters” of an important neologism. This, from HuffPo comments:


I don’t watch Colbert. Only see clips like this. BUT, don’t fu** with Olbermann!! Keith has the ***** to tell it like it is! He doesn’t cow-down to anyone. I love his show!

- + BigFootJesus

- +funkulous

Yes, there’s been far too much cow-downing by the left in recent years. bert-keith-olb_n_137475.html?page=10

Comment by StrangeAppar8us on 12/29/08 at 12:37 PM

Cow Downing, not just for comforters and jackets anymore.

I personally prefer 100% Angus Cow Downing over Hereford or Holstein downing.  It is much warmer and is proven not to lead to hoof in mouth disease.

Has she really been saying cow downing her whole life?

Could be. I once knew someone who thought “a grain of salt” was spelled “a grain assault.” The scales only fell from her eyes when she questioned what forcible wheat-pelting had to do with skepticism. She’s probably a PUMA.

Of course the PUMAs are too *stooopid* to be able to distinguish the parody comments from the real ones…they don’t realize that their entire movement is just a sad, sad parody from the minds of deranged morons!

Heck, Murphy is even pimping the AOL article on Harriet Christian’s bid to run, excited to see it getting some “press coverage” as a sign of “success” for their movement… get-caroline-harriet-for-ny-senator/

Some of them are having trouble wrapping their heads around the fact that the article is in the HUMOR section…so again, these are people who are incapable of realizing that they ARE the joke!

The comments under there are pretty good too.  Here is my favorite, which sums up Harriet Christian perfectly:

RunningDogLackey6:08PMDec 28th 2008

Leave it to the PUMAs to protest Caroline Kennedy’s political inexperience by backing a candidate who is one crazed outburst away from pushing a grocery cart full of aluminum cans and dead cats down Broadway, while arguing with parking meters.

Comment by G on 12/29/08 at 12:52 PM

100% all natural Angus Cow Downing was used to make the Rumproast Yanket (aka wanket or spanket)

Comment by iceberg wedge on 12/29/08 at 12:56 PM

Wow, we need to invite RunningDogLackey to this site.  RDL would fit in perfectly with everyone else here!  Once again, RDL sums things up better than I could say them myself, by perfectly capturing and defining the PUMA movement:

RunningDogLackey6:19PMDec 28th 2008

No! Not Darragh Murphy & The Legion of Lost Typists!

We’re hopelessly out-vajayjayed!

I believe “cow downing” was first practiced by Hugh Downs. At Churchill Downs.

And because cows are female cattle, I’m sure that “cow downing” must somehow be the bovine equivalent of woman-lynching.

Wow, we need to invite RunningDogLackey to this site.

Without giving away “the secret,” I think you can hold up on the invite.

G & Kevin K: “Well, Miss Lane, I’m pretty sure even SUPERMAN can’t be in two places at once. [Wink]”

Signs saying We want Equal Rights with equal pay.

For some reason I am not surprised that this hollow-headed cretin completely missed John McPOW’s deep thoughts on pay inequity.

These idiots may be the worst thing to hit the women’s rights movement since one of Phyllis Schlafly’s fresh baked pies.

I think she’s trying to use the verb “To Cow” - Intimidate, threaten. Either that or she’s having a hell of a time with “To Cower.”

Wow, if only we’d thought of picketing thingys before! Cow-downer.

Or “To Cow Down” - intimidate, threaten with a bit of a funky rock and roll groove. ;)  On the other hand she’s saying they’re NOT cow downing so is she worried that they will BE cow downed and this is a counter offensive?  These PUMAs run deep.

Cow Tao-ing, as practiced in Nepal?

‘at’s all I’ve got. Could become a new Internet Tradition.

Teh PUMAs seem to be Pailinizing themselves. Hard to believe they dig that hole yet deeper, but talent always carries the day.

Nicely done Kevin!  You’ve restored my faith in the roast!

As an aside, could you and strange email me at the address I left with my comment (and keep it private).  I’ve been running undercover at pumapac for a while for lulz, and I’m looking for collaboration.

Kevin K & StrangeAppar8us - I hear ya…cool deal and nice to know!  That being said, I think the RDL comments posted there are so well done that I’m still going to post the “best of RDL on AOL” right here to commemorate them, but I’ll start first with a great one from Kevin K:

Kevin K.6:03PMDec 28th 2008

“This shouldn’t be in the ‘humor’ section! Harriet would be a GREAT choice for NY Senator.”

Yeah, and I guess if she’s still living in your state and there was an open senate seat, you’d be endorsing Ashley Todd.

And no, unfortunately, I don’t think that belongs in the “humor” section either.

Now, on to my other RDL faves as well as other good posters (bold, mine for some of my favorite lines):

Voice of Reason1:42PMDec 28th 2008


this is why the PUMA were a laughable failure…you guys just don’t get it….

you should become Republicans…they could use your numbers…same intellect as well

AltHippo6:51PMDec 28th 2008

Jeffrey Lee said: “I agree. We need candidates who speak from the heart and are FOR the PEOPLE.”

I think you’re right about people speaking from the heart. I just don’t want people in politics who speak from the spleen. Harriet Christian, as well as the PUMAs in general, represent the worst in American politics. They’re about taking revenge on the rest of the world because their candidate lost in the primaries.

I don’t think that throwing a bone to hate movements is where we want to go.

RunningDogLackey8:14PMDec 28th 2008

@mary richards

I don’t see anyone here supporting Caroline, just commenters who find it hysterically funny that the PUMA response is to support someone even MORE spectacularly unprepared for and unsuited to the job.

But that’s just the “PUMA Way” of doing things—which is why you’re 0-16 for this Electoral Season, with nothing but an unbroken string of Waterloos and Pickett’s Charges since June.

For such a “large” and “consistent” movement, your net impact on the Universe has been nil.

By all means, though, party on…and PUMA HAKA!

RunningDogLackey9:39PMDec 28th 2008

sandi—Let me know when the PUMAs get through hashing out whether lesbians are more authentically oppressed than hetero women, whether Christian PUMAs are pathetic mind-numbed slaves of a woman-hating patriarchy, whether your male members should be “tolerated,” “welcomed” or housed in a “testosterone tent,” and whether ##### is allowed to be a woman AND a Muslim at the same time.

You make PUMApac sound like “The Brady Bunch.” But most of the time it’s a catty slapfest of attack posts, operatic exits by indignant PUMAs and knee-slapping castration/sexual mutilation humor.

RunningDogLackey10:02PMDec 28th 2008

Crystal—Often. It’s addicting, like watching a Mexican soap opera…or playing SimEarth, except that nothing ever evolves at PUMApac.

RunningDogLackey11:20PMDec 28th 2008

Harriet Christian is the sort of person who would be thrown out of a UFO convention.

She would, however, make a truly entertaining NYC subway conductor.

sueRn9:38PMDec 28th 2008

I have never been allowed to blog on puma!!! Intelligence and truth are apparently totally censored. Typical of manhating, race baiting, angry , angry, anti-intellectual,puma folks to automatically jump on the anyone but Caroline bandwagon! Have they read Caroline’s books..oops..probably cartoons!And this hatred of anyone who had the misfortune to have wealthy relatives..get over it already. Have YOU had your father assassinated, lost your brother and mother, and your beloved uncle assassinated ? Some great life,eh?? I am only a working class nurse, but , gee..intelligence and a comfortable lifestyle does not scare ME!
Seriously, pumas…lighten up..anger destroys the person who carries it! We have the world in meltdown and we need intelligent well educated folks in government who know who to bring to their team at this catastrophic point in our history. Let’s not insult the intelligence of the electorate with this Harriet nonsense.

O Contraire11:22PMDec 28th 2008

Now that’s comedy gold. We’ll SEE your inexperience, Caroline, and we’ll RAISE it one venomous nitwit with LESS than no experience! You got a law degree but haven’t really practised? WE never practised AND don’t know the law from an Olive Garden menu!

We demand freedom from competence!

PUMA ‘08: Fear Of A Black Planet9:24AMDec 29th 2008

Preach on, my sisters! Who cares about competence, experience, or a need to make a better world? The only qualfication we need is that they’re angry, bitter, and spiteful at that unqualified ni- er- black man not knowing his rightful place!

Harriet for White Hard-Working White American White People! WHITE HAKA!

RunningDogLackey11:11AMDec 29th 2008

Harriet seems a little high-strung.

If she were a dog, there wouldn’t be a hair left on her a*s.

RunningDogLackey11:47AMDec 29th 2008

This has nothing to do with “media bias against women who fight the status quo.”

PUMAs despise Caroline Kennedy because she campaigned for Obama…which is why they are willing to support even this insane shrieking bigot whose ONLY “qualification” is that she supported Hillary in the primary.

PUMAs specialize in doing Dumb Things for Silly Reasons (DT/SR), which is why even Hillary handed them an anchor and shoved them overboard.

PUMA ‘08: Fear Of A Black Planet12:29PMDec 29th 2008

Yes, PUMAs are open to men and women of all races - just as long as you know you know your place beneath the Almighty White Vagina. All Hail!

Ahh…so much fun!  Sorry for such a long posting, but the responses were sooo classic, I just had to add them here for posterity too!

I’ve got it!

Cow dowing refers to the sexist practice of calling a good market a BULL market.  It’s misogynistic, don’t you know?  A bad market should be masculine; a good market should be feminine.

See?  It all makes sense.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Harriet Christian,,,

Yes, there are people who are heavily into politics that have no idea who Harriet Christian is.  With the help of people like Double Edith I’d like to change that so that when/if people hear the term “PUMA” they hear “INADEQUATE BLACK MALE” ringing in their ears.  Last night I was hanging out with the guy who started that FB forum and he’s one of them.  Prior to Will Bower showing up in that forum he didn’t know who he was or even what a PUMA was but now he says he wants to be him next Halloween.  I’m going to try to convince his wife to dress up as Harriet Christian.  I’ll supply the orange balloons if she’ll supply the tone of shrieking racial resentment but I’m not sure she’ll go for it.

G: There’ll be a little something extra in your pay envelope on Friday.

Mrs. Polly: I wish that we would do more marchy, protesty stuff here at Rumproast, too! It’s cool. and there are signs!

Times of India:

islamabad: pakistan-based militant outfit lashkar-e-taiba has said the us designation of the group as a terrorist organisation would not “cow down” its fighters but only create a new spirit and enthusiasm among them. US ban will not cow down mujahideen

The PUMAhideen will not be cow downed.


Comment by the farmer on 12/29/08 at 01:49 PM

BTW, that FB link is busted.  Here’s a fixed link for anyone who wants to join the fun.

Comment by Lawnguylander on 12/29/08 at 01:52 PM

Wow, and “Sandi” aka “Sandipuma” who is too dumb to recognize when people are making fun of her on the AOL site, made this crazy claim over at pumapac about a “new planet” in the sky…and she seems to be serious:

sandipuma 12.28.08 at 7:49 pm

  TexasTigress maybe thats the new planet that is in our hemisphere and looks just like earth but three times bigger. It just appeered one day.I was reading up on it.Wow even has oceans and lakes and rivers allmost identical shape to us.I forget the name they gave it.

I think the name they gave it is… ExistsOnlyInYourHead.

Wow…just wow…

I’ll supply the orange balloons if she’ll supply the tone of shrieking racial resentment but I’m not sure she’ll go for it.

Orange pantsuits!

“Look sharp, you lazy roustabouts! We’ve got to get these suns back in the barn before cowdown!”

Sweet merciful balls…  How are those people not under court-ordered supervision?

Wow…just wasted more time out of my life catching up on a pumapac thread.  As usual, the little dysfunctional hate group devolves into spewing their venom at each other and then lots of lamenting comments and ass-kicking as more and more of their members threaten to leave for good.  (Same old, same old as has been happening almost daily for weeks and weeks now). 

Anyways, I know that none of that is anything new or anything surprising, however, I found this recent response by one of their regulars interesting…as if the light finally turned on for someone over there…(bold, mine):

##### 12.29.08 at 1:00 am

  Sunshinelvr, yes I have noticed comments getting nastier on various blogs–it’s happening all over. Do pumas eat their own babies? Most people who get discouraged won’t say anything; if they’re the type to volunteer their time, they’ll just find something else to put their energy into where they are appreciated and leave the women’s movement for those who are willing to either dish it out or take it. Or maybe it is just settling into cliques instead of a larger movement. Oh well, we’re all just sockpuppets anyway.

Thanks, Lawnguylander, fixed the link.

I wrote at the beginning of this thread:

To be honest, even I don’t think they’re delusional enough to think this’ll work…

I guess I should know better by now.  From Riverchucky’s latest post:

PS.  The idea of Harriet Christian for senate is actually growing on me.  Few people understand the average New Yorker better than Harriet and she’s articulate and courageous.  What a combo!

Oh my.

Stra - did you delete part of your name or is this a kicky new nickname? 

FYI, despite usage of “cow down” verb (?) by Times of India and sandipuma, searches of Google and Wikipedia came up empty.  I think we’re foraging new linguistic ground here.  Not to mention astronomical.  I mean, why don’t we see that honking big alter planet up in the sky?  It’s about 30 times bigger than the moon, ferchrissake!

It’s really hard to tell the fake comments (“endorsements”) from the real ones. One that I thought was fake led to a real PUMA myspace page.

I mean, why don’t we see that honking big alter planet up in the sky?  It’s about 30 times bigger than the moon, ferchrissake!

Marin, please stop alter earth lynching.  It is very sexist of you and a complete cow downer.

PUMA’s:  the gift that keeps on giving.

From the AOL thread:

“Harlaken2:05PMDec 29th 2008


I don’t know if you know anything about the PUMAs (who are Harriet’s only supporters), but this video features one of their unhinged cult-crazies:” (emphasis mine)

This ought to be fun.  Clearly, Harlaken2 doesn’t have his/her Idiot’s Guide to the PUMAs yet.

This ought to be fun.  Clearly, Harlaken2 doesn’t have his/her Idiot’s Guide to the PUMAs yet.

Tracy, I think Harlaken2 maybe one of us or a like-minded person who should be here anywho.  That youtube is of Jennifer herself ;-)

PUMA’s:  the gift that keeps on giving.

I wouldn’t call tertiary syphilis with a side order of rabies a gift. However, I am an unabashed woman-lyncher and cow downer.

FYI, despite usage of “cow down” verb (?) by Times of India and sandipuma, searches of Google and Wikipedia came up empty.

if you search cow downing you’ll find more. Including this usage:

“I’m pretty sure just seeing the cow downing a bottle of coke does it for me”


Comment by the farmer on 12/29/08 at 04:00 PM

Ah - I chose not to check the link.  Serves me right.


I was more thinking about the joy of being kicked squarely in the junk.

I just read riverchucky’s latest.  Between the man-hating, the mocking of the Kennedy’s and the pathetic lament over HRC’s primary loss (“You passed up a hard working, well-respected, two term senator who earned her seat by campaigning and meeting the people of New York, for an empty suit who refuses to lead and will instead rely on the youthful hooliganism of his base in order to govern.”)- it’s quite a cow downer.

What I’m trying to figure out is what’s in it for riverchucky at this point.  Is it all a revenge fantasy?  Does she imagine herself to be a PUMA version of Gandhi (i.e., she’s the leader of a new liberation movement)?  I tend to believe that people act from some principle that is at least rational to them, and I’m just not getting it in riverchucky’s case.

I’m just not getting it in riverchucky’s case.

Maybe she thinks Hillary is still sending her secret signals with her pantsuit color and “traveling pantsuit” references.  And they’re going to trade de-coder rings with Campbell Brown.  So she has to keep her profile out there and “be ready” for the “call” whenever it “comes.”

Im getting convinced by the day that all this opposition to CK is being pumped up by HRC’s supporters who want their revenge against prominent supporters of Obama. Joan Walsh and all her columnists in Salon have already come out blasting against CK, so has that fetid Taylor Marsh and now the racist velociraptor from New York Geraldine Ferraro has thrown her hat in the ring against Obama.

Sorry I stole this from John Cole’s website, but you have to read this planet-stupid-people-opposes-caroline-kennedy

Comment by bimbo slice on 12/29/08 at 04:26 PM

sorry I meant throw her hat in the ring against CK

Speaking of Al Giordano, I just read his latest article on why Caroline Kennedy is the right pick for the job and I must say that he convinced me.  Prior to reading it I wasn’t sold on her at all and was feeling rueful that I couldn’t in good conscience argue on her behalf no matter how fun it would be to spite the PUMAs.  I feel so liberated!!

Comment by Lawnguylander on 12/29/08 at 05:11 PM

WHEN WILL THE MAN-LYNCHING AND TERRORISM AGAINST MEN END???? 2008-12-28_teen_charged_in_savage_slayings_is_innoc.html

Don’t expect to hear Harriet Christian shouting at a vending machine about THIS!!!

Comment by Stra on 12/29/08 at 05:29 PM

Joan Walsh is a pathetic joke. Her latest “Me and Hillary are STILL AWESOME (but maybe the black dude will be okay, the jury’s out)” post is here: _politics/

Among other things, I had to rip her a new one in the letters because she said that Durbin voted FOR the AUMF, which of course is proof-positive that Barack would have voted for it as well!

Only problem is—Durbin voted AGAINST it. Ooopsie! Facts are such inconvenient things.

How does this woman get to be editor-in-chief? Seriously, as I sit here today, having just picked up mail to find the latest bankruptcy filings from two of the papers I write for—papers that have, in their time, published some incredible kick-ass investigative reporting, arts criticism, creative nonfiction, and media criticism—I wonder how navel-gazing whiny self-justifying hacks like Walsh manage to maintain their fiefdoms.

Comment by kerry reid on 12/29/08 at 05:34 PM

I created a WordPress ID just so I could endorse Harriet.

The most difficult part about pretending to be a PUMA was letting go of my priggish need to correct my typos and use punctuation marks and capitalization in accord with generally accepted standards.  But once I let go of those oppressive male constraints, I think I did pretty well.

And so far my endorsement hasn’t been deleted.

Y’know, for a bunch of liberals who cried rivers over our Commander-in-Chief’s “lies,” you sure forgot that Cow Downing Street Memo pretty quick.

I read Salon only to see what the other columnists like Cary Tennis, Garrison, Gary and Camille have to say. Joan has become a sideshow like Harriet Christian. If it were not for the other columnists supporting the magazine, Salon would have been bankrupt long time ago

Bimbo Slice, I agree with you about Salon, which I used to read a lot more eight or so years ago than I do now. (Well, Camille I read for the entertainment value, much as I might an episode of “Cops”, but Glenn Greenwald is pretty good. I got tired of Anne Lamott, so wasn’t sorry to see her go. Stop exploiting your kid, Anne!)

Honestly, Salon has always suffered from a surfeit of smug Bay Area parochialism—I remember when they had that section called “Mothers Who Think.” You know—Mothers Who Think Like Them, and are therefore obviously geniuses! I think I once suggested that, as long as they were divvying up people along lines of biological functions, they should have a section called “Pussies Who Ponder.” Or “C-Words Who Cogitate.”

My favorite thing in Joan’s responses to the piece is how often she whines “But I’ve been sick!” Oh. Okay. So it’s acceptable to get stuff really, really wrong as long as you have a widdle cold? Christ, why doesn’t she just say “I have cramps!”—it would be no worse in terms of setting back the image of women in the workplace.  No matter how sick I’ve been, I’ve never been able to get away with fucking things up in an article just because I was off my game. If I had to work longer to make sure I got things right, I did it. Misrepresenting a senator’s vote on the most crucial foreign policy decision in a generation is a Big. Fucking. Deal. It shouldn’t be something that happens because a “journalist” doesn’t have the right decongestant on hand.

And as soon as I boasted, the comments of one “kittylittr” have been deleted from the HC for Senate site and it appears that Ms. Litter has been banned from further commenting therein.

I probably gave myself away by working “inadequate black man” into every one of Ms. Litter’s comments.

Allan: Looks like their in lock-down over there. New log-in procedure, only a couple of additional “endorsements,” and no new comments or posts for a couple of days. The elusive “flood-tide of support” that PUMAs always assume is going to float them to victory has once again failed to materialize. 

Even Murphy is referring to it sheepishly as a “kind of a parody campaign,” which I assume is her politic way of saying “Jesus Christ, Taggles—Harriet’s YOUR best friend and YOUR hot-shot blogradio guest, but keep this flaming bag of shit away from me and PUMApac, the REAL HEART OF THE PUMA MOVEMENT(tm).”

My guess is that the “Draft Harriet” initiative was effectively dead before we even got around to snarking on it. In the meantime, the PUMAs have already spasmed over the ERA and the hatefulness of patriarchal religions, and are now working on the establishment of a Center for Women’s Education & Awareness…which I assume will be constructed right between the Hall of Women-Lynching and the “Denver or Bust” Memorial Pavilion.

Cats are easily bored. Today it’s the yarn-ball, tomorrow it’s the paper towels.

The elusive “flood-tide of support” that PUMAs always assume is going to float them to victory has once again failed to materialize.

Yeah, hell, this “small blog” outprowled them on the AOL Harriet Christian post. At the very least, the pre-election PUMAsphere could still flood a comment section or two.  Those days are long gone.

Even Murphy is referring to it sheepishly as a “kind of a parody campaign,”

Yeah, I found that position ... uh .. odd.  If it was a parody site you’d compare Caroline to an average street wino or a box of belly-button lint, not a woman who’s often held up as the heart, soul and/or inspiration of the PUMA movement. “Hey, if Caroline can run then so can the idiot, loud-mouthed waitress.”  Really? Is that where they’re really going with this? Or are they a lot better at sniffing out and squelching their failures than they used to be?

Parody.  You keep saying this word.  I do no think it means what you think it means.

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