Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?

Christmas starts a little earlier every year. Here’s Ebenezer Scrooge making an appearance at NRO while those lucky enough to afford a Thanksgiving turkey still have leftovers in the fridge:


If only those stupid, lazy people would take advantage of the abundant jobs and opportunities out there—particularly the children!

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I feel the same way about lazy parasites with stabbing chest pains who’d rather drive to an Emergency Room or a Community Clinic than man-up, take some responsibility and put themselves through Med School.

John J. Miller obviously doesn’t know anyone on the meager public dole and doesn’t understand how many Food Stamp recipients had—until recently—better jobs than the one he occupies.

A crash course in humiliation, hunger, sleepless nights and 24/7 panic attacks would focus his mind wonderfully.

On Planet Miller every time someone uses food stamps loud sirens blare and the manager shouts “YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE! LAZY DEADBEATS NOW CHECKING OUT IN LANE 7!”

@ Strange: Let’s hope Mr. Miller is forced to live on the proceeds of his latest book.

And, Mr. Miller, let’s get those seniors back to work as well.  Why should we supplement their meager Social Security payments - especially after many lost their plans for the future when their pension plans were pillaged and frittered away?

@HTP—Now that I see his credentials and level of literary accomplishment, my guess is that Miller is all-too-aware that the only thing standing between him and a rechargeable government Food Debit Card is loud and frequent fealty to NRO’s Gipperphiliac editorial board.

Because jails full of youthful bread thieves is so much more American.

Children make excellent house servants. I’m all for it. They take up little space, (I can usually keep one or two bedded down under the sink) don’t eat much and tend to become quite malleable once you read them the Bible verse about, “sparing the rod”. The little chaps I have now are almost done resurfacing my infinity pool. They complain now and again about the cold and the damp and the bleeding hands but a piece of buttered toast goes a long way in these difficult economic times. Cheers. J

And I guess it’s just a hop and jump from speaking out against food stamps to demanding that free and reduced cost lunch programs be cut from the schools too.  After all, how’re you gonna motivate the little bastards if they’re not a little hungry!

All that those lucky duckies have to do to keep their self-respect is stop eating. Eeeeasy.

Miller is wiggly now that people are
calling him out on this jackassery. He’s now calling for “compassion for those who are down on their luck” although he still “fear[s]for the day when no stigma attaches itself to the acceptance of government handouts.”

Comment by mpandgs on 11/29/09 at 05:05 PM

@ Jamie: Children also make excellent entrees.

Yeah, now he’s like “Well, okaaaay *SIGH*. They can have a few crumbs from my table, but let me at least mock and shame them while they scarf down leftovers”.

But of course, we must also make fetish objects out of poor innocent fetuses. Once the spawn’s been shit out, though, all bets are off and I don’t want my tax dollars supporting somebody else’s mistake!

Conservatives—hating on the post-born for generations.

Wow, I didn’t know the National Review had a Web site back in 1981!

That’s when this is from, right? It has to be, since that was the last time anyone made this argument with a straight face.

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