Arlo Guthrie’s Cyclone of Steel Guitars

Another shiny nugget from my golden Ohio youth. This is “Runnin’ Down the Road” by Arlo Guthrie, a frantically hopeful song about getting one’s life in gear. It could be heard shrieking from the windows of my mother’s ‘72 Monte Carlo on Friday and Saturday nights when I screamed past the “Center Of The World” sign on Route 5 at 120 MPH on my way home, sometime after 3 AM.

This one’s my music theme for the day as I run down the road with my fellow Rowdy Roasters.

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I’ve always loved Arlo.  Haven’t heard this song though - thanks!

I made my daughter listen to Alice’s Restaurant on a car drive a few years back.  She was sooooo sure that an old hippie song would be sooooo boring but was rocking to it by the time it ended!

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