As if Mushy on MSNBC wasn’t bad enough…

As we reported yesterday, one of the most egregious anti-Obama hate merchants we blogged about during the primaries slithered her way onto MSNBC and today we find out that CNN had the supremely wretched and wrong-headed Agent Flowbee on as a security expert this morning. As John Cole notes: “I Guess Harriet Christian Was Unavailable.” Seriously, how long will it be before we see the DickSpuzz boiz on with Campbell Brown or Amy Siskind on MTP?

Gack. Our media completely sucks.

Posted by Kevin K. on 12/30/09 at 11:24 AM • Permalink

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So—has anyone suggested we start investigating people who belong to anti-American secessionist organizations whose founders had a history of violence?

Comment by Oblomova on 12/30/09 at 12:29 PM

Shockingly, CNN failed to include No Quarter in Mr. Johnson’s impressive chyron of career highlights.  How could this oversight have occurred?

I’m convinced that the only requirement for being an on-air contributing “expert” is that you have a letterhead or a blog site, and you’re not doing anything else today.

Go for it, Kevin!

Go for it, Kevin!

You forgot “intestinal fortitude.”

I saw Flowbee doing the same thing on PBS news hour a few days ago.  It’s amazingly easy to maintain almost completely separate on- and off-line personas, even using your real name.

I’m all for ratting the bastards out. I think a lot of the time the media bookers are just too lazy to Google.

Wow, Siskind is getting her ass handed to her in comments at HuffPoo again. Oregon Bird rocks.

No Quarter deserves to be mentioned.  Where else can one be exposed to the comic brilliance of Pat Racimora?

I can’t believe this dude isn’t running in the Times by now.

Comment by jeffinfremont (formerly Pumalicious!) on 12/30/09 at 04:10 PM

I’ve seen Flowbee on CNN before recently (within the past 2 months or so).  Seems to be their CIA go-to guy.  Blech.  The last time I saw him I was in my company’s Philly office in the general area with the TV.  I exclaimed something obscene before I realized exactly where I was.

Marsh has been trying to worm her way back on MSNBC for awhile - she keeps getting bumped by other news.  She lives in DC now, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised to continue seeing her pop up.

I really think the producers of this show don’t even bother checking backgrounds anymore…

Is Sarah Palin a Feminist?

No. Thanks for playing “Easy Answers to Stupid Questions.” We have some lovely Turtle Wax for you.

FWIW, email sent to the News Hour folks.  I suspect they don’t care, and there’s no way of getting the information to their viewers so it would really make a difference.  But hey, it’s no less effective than a PROWL, and at least I was polite and grammatically correct…

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