Attack on Princeton conservative totally fabricated

This weekend the nuttersphere was all aflutter about how a conservative Princeton student was allegedly threatened via email and then savagely beaten up for his views. He Who Cuts His Own Hair highlighted a comment from a post about the incident at Red State:

And as a commenter notes, this would get more attention if it had involved a noose on a doorknob even though in this case, according to the reports, we have an actual physical assault and beating.


Just posted on the web site of The Daily Princetonian:

Francisco Nava ‘09 has admitted to fabricating an alleged assault on him that he said occurred Friday evening and to sending threatening emails to himself, other members of the Anscombe Society and prominent conservative politics professor Robert George, Princeton Township Police said today.

“He fabricated the story,” Det. Sgt. Ernie Silagyi said.

Nava was released to Public Safety and charges “have not been filed pending further investigation,” according to a statement from Township Police.


Atlas Shrugs: “Princeton Hate Crime: If it were a Black or Muslim Student .... the media would be beating us over the head with this story. Even the hoaxes get full media attention. Not this and it’s a horror.”

Brandon McGinley, The Daily Princetonian: “Whoever is responsible seems to have gotten the message that it is open season on people who defend morally traditional views on our campus. It’s time for the administration to send them a new message: the season is closed.”

Vocal Minority: “My guess is that nothing will happen to these perpetrators if they’re caught, owing to the religion and political views of the victim. Liberals claim to reject intolerance and violence; that statement is only half-right. It all depends on who the victim is. If the victim belongs to a group the left deems ‘protected,’ e.g., a religious, racial, or ethnic minority, then they will defend them to the ends of the earth.”

MarkTalk: “Compassionate Liberals beat conservative student to a bloody pulp, following death threats for his conservative political views or because he is a Hispanic Mormon, hard to tell with the mentally, culturally and socially retarded Moon Bats of the Left.”

The Strata-Sphere: “Left with know [sic] political recourse (no one is buying the paranoid delusions) these people have one recourse: take matters into their own hands. Do not be surprised if we see a spate of violence break out as we near the elections and there is no radical lefty among the top contenders. I think the top is coming off the restless and angry left.”

MORE: Gavin at Sadly, No! remembers Justin Zatkoff.

UPDATE: More info from

IN ADDITION: Eugene Volokh, who is supposedly an intellectual or something, opines: “And you further undermine others on the Right, some of whom might face real threats or attacks in the future but who will have a harder time being believed because of you. Lovely.”  Yeah, because as we all know, the righties are the most put-upon minorities in America.  As a Volokh commenter so succinctly put it: “Don’t we on the right EVER get our own Tawana Brawley?”

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Sometimes fantasies do come true - maybe now he’ll get his wish.

“Don’t we on the right EVER get our own Tawana Brawley?”

I’m betting, what with the Republican bent for ridiculously kinky sex (two wetsuits?) they day dream about being Louima, not Brawley.

The story made me laugh, but the Queen reference made me laugh really hard.

The wingnuts sure get sensitive when one of there’s might/could have been attacked. I bet they all got WET over this, batshit crazy bastards.

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