Attention, US Department of Justice…

If you’re not too busy, perhaps you could look into this:


Kay covered Florida Governor Rick Scott’s brazen attempt to steal the upcoming election here yesterday. The issue is getting some local press, and it was heavily covered on the MSNBC line-up last night. But aside from that, the story isn’t getting a lot of play in the national press.

Maddow pointed out that whites make up only 13% of the names on the purge list (and are more than 60% of the state population as a whole). The whole thing stinks to high heaven, and unless the DOJ steps in, it looks like Scott might get away with it.

But it’s only a fundamental right being stripped away from legitimate citizens. I’m glad the media decided to focus instead on what the guy who wears a hair clump from the shower drain on his head says and how it might affect the fortunes of the guy who strapped a dog to the roof of his car.

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Holder really should be going after this.  I wonder if they are waiting for a better time (strategically) or are just blowing it entirely?

Before y’all start dumping on Holder please read this blog comment regarding legal recourse: hread-flotus-on-the-view/#comment-542473582


“Florida purging affects whole state but only 5 counties fall with voting rights acts. Holder must make determination whether those counties will violate section 5 word is he will seek injunction but personally not sure it will hold

Not fast enough is not the problem…it’s does he have regulatory powers in some states.”

Comment by Nellcote on 05/31/12 at 12:41 AM
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