Bachmann Down

Is it worth 8 minutes of your time to hear Michele Bachmann announce that she’s quitting her House seat? Probably not, but here it is anyway.

Nope, this is nothing to do with the multiple investigations into her and hubbie’s alleged grifting, including misusing congressional campaign funds for her spectacular 2012 run for president, nor the fact that she only squeaked back into her seat last year and the polls aren’t looking at all good for her at the moment. She’s just past her sell-by date:

The law limits anyone from serving as president of the United States for more than eight years, and in my opinion—well, eight years is also long enough for an individual to serve as a representative for a specific Congressional district.

This will no doubt lead to widespread redundancies among the media’s factcheckers. Unless ...

There is no future option or opportunity, be it directly in the political arena or otherwise, that I won’t be giving serious consideration if it can help save and protect our great nation.

How is this being greeted among the wingnutry? Well, there’s some speculation from the RW blogs that (assuming she’s not in pokey by then) Bachmann might run against Al Franken for his Senate seat, which would certainly be a battle worth breaking out the popcorn for.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air parses so we don’t have to:

Actually, it might be a stretch to call this a retirement.  Rep. Michele Bachmann announced last night that she would not seek a fifth term in the House from Minnesota’s 6th Congressional district in this nearly nine-minute valediction.  As The Week notes, however, Bachmann doesn’t say she’s retiring from politics or even electoral politics, which means she may have something else in mind already ...

Indeed. If not a run against Franken, there seem to be indications that she hopes to don the mantle of Palin II:

... she promises not to fade away, continuing “to work vehemently and robustly to fight back against what most in the other party want to do to transform our country into becoming, which would be a nation that our founders would hardly even recognize today.”

Over at Big Government, Joel Pollak is busy brewing lemonade:

The announcement that Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) will not run for re-election in 2014 means that the Tea Party will lose one of its most outspoken—and controversial—congressional leaders, just as the movement is gaining new momentum from public discontent with big government and the revelations in the IRS scandal. At the same time, the Tea Party will benefit from the emergence of new, and perhaps more effective, voices.

William Teach at RightWingNews, on the other hand, is in full-on denial and seeking to anoint her with the precious Oil of Victimhood:

NBC Makes Up Quote For Michele Bachmann: “I’m quitting my House seat in 2014″

Nowhere in the story is that headline verified. Nor, if one listens to the 8+ minute video from Bachmann will you hear that phrase. A bit of bias, eh?

For Max Baucus NBC had the headline Max Baucus heeds the call of Nature. And Harkin won’t seek 6th Senate term (for Tom Harkin-D). And Senate banking chair Johnson to announce retirement (Tim Johnson-D). Even most other Republicans were treated decently. Seems that NBC News has a bit of a War On Women going on in regards to Bachmann.

The reception for this news in the comments sections is pretty subdued and mostly philosophical.

Is there enough room for two Divas of Daft on Twitter and Facebook (there does seem to be a vacancy for vacancy on Fox, of course)? Will this spark an entertaining rivalry—Griftzilla versus Michegriftzilla? I guess we’ll have to stay tuned ....

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... a vacancy for vacancy ...


She’ll make more money as a pinup for pinheads.

Is there enough room for two Divas of Daft on Twitter and Facebook (there does seem to be a vacancy for vacancy on Fox, of course)? Will this spark an entertaining rivalry—Griftzilla versus Michegriftzilla?

I think they’ll form a tag-team: 2 Girls, 1 GOP.

2 Girls, 1 GOP.

Is ... is that you, TBogg?

It would be nice if she disappeared into irrelevance faster than Palin. She’s such an idiot. Sorry, we’ve been trying to get rid of the whole vaccines = autism thing for awhile, and her promotion of it during her campaign pissed me off. She needs to just disappear without doing any more damage.


I suspect Michele is feeling the heat build from the campaign finance investigation.  She’ll probably talk her way out of it, but not before it destroys any chance of grabbing an even higher level office.  She’s both crazy and shameless though, and I would simply love to see Sen Franken take her apart in any debate that might happen as a result in her quixotic quest to retain the office of Queen Teabagger.


That wins teh interwebz for today.  Congrats!

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