Bachmann tells another big fat whopper


Yeah, I know: Michele Bachmann has about as much chance of becoming the Republican nominee as I do. But her blatherings on the stump are an interesting window into the über-wingnut mind. And that brainpan is as filled with outright lies and absurd distortions as your granny’s email forwards, from whence they most likely originate:

Michele Bachmann told a crowd here that growing tax burdens have undermined the American middle class and forced both parents into the workforce. To support her argument, she said tax rates in 1950 were just 5 percent—a fraction of the overall tax rate today.

“The average amount of taxes that the average family (paid) was 5 percent overall,” Bachmann said. With taxes that low, she continued, her father’s salary from the Air Force was enough to support her entire family. “A sergeant could have a wife and four children and the wife didn’t have to work because you paid 5 percent for your overall tax burden.”

But her figures do not appear to be accurate. According to the nonprofit Tax Foundation, the overall tax rate in 1950 was actually 24.6 percent – almost five times the rate cited by Bachmann and just 3.1 percent less than the 2011 tax rate of 27.7 percent.

“Do not appear to be accurate”? Jesus God, Our Stupid Media: That’s like saying Bernie Madoff “appears to have been an untrustworthy financial adviser.” I know you guys are generally terrified of being branded with a scarlet “L,” but Bachmann’s whopper was worthy of a less mealy-mouthed description, surely, perhaps something like “exponentially incorrect” or “wildly off the mark.” Gah.

The scary thing is that, even though Bachmann will never be president, there are literally tens of millions of our fellow citizens who think she’s perfectly qualified and who would readily believe that ridiculous lie about tax rates. Such people cannot be reasoned with; they can only be defeated, or else we’re fucking doomed.

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That “does not appear to be accurate” was what jumped out at me, too. Makes me wanna go slap the shit out of the reporter and his editor. Not like I’ll have to face any penalties—they’d never be able to mushmouth their way through a criminal complaint…

And as we all know, dippity shitheads will latch onto “5%” just like they did the 9-9-9 numbers and that’s what they’ll take with them to the polls. It wouldn’t occur to them to check to see if she’s right.

Bachmann’s barefaced facility to brazenly make shit up one minute and then deny she even said it if called on it is truly gobsmacking, even for a GOP pol. This snippet from her recent interview with Christiane Amanpour is a neat example (my bold):

On ABC News’s “This Week with Christiane Amanpour,” Ms. Bachmann, a Republican presidential candidate, was taken to task for her videotaped comments in which she said of illegal entrants to the U.S., “59,000 alone this year came across the border…from Yemen, from Syria.  These are nations that are state sponsors of terror. They are coming into our country.”

Ms. Amanpour pointed out that 59,000 is the federal government’s tally of illegal immigrants apprehended from all nations other than Mexico. There were 11 Illegal immigrants from Yemen, and five from Syria. Total: 16. “I mean, how do you get those figures so wrong?” Ms. Amanpour asked the candidate.
“You’re missing the main point that I made,” Ms. Bachmann told Ms. Amanpour. “The fact that we have 59,000, other than Mexicans coming across in one year, certainly poses a threat.  But no, I didn’t say that they were all from the state sponsors of terror,” she said.

”It is in fact in your statement there. Of course, Yemen is not classified as a state sponsor of terrorism,” Ms. Amanpour replied. (Yemen’s government aided the U.S. in killing suspected al Qaeda operative Anwar al Awlaki earlier this month.)

Ms. Amanpour tried to move on, but Ms. Bachmann jumped in:  ”That’s right.  That is right.  Yemen is not a state sponsor of terror.  Nor did I say that they were.”

This is still my favorite Bachmann economic “fact”:

”[N]ow we have the federal government taking over ownership or control of 51 percent of the American economy. This is stunning. Prior to September of 2008, 100 percent of the private economy was private.”


Comment by Steve M. on 10/31/11 at 10:29 AM

Michele Bachmann’s lies and loony misstatements are becoming legendary.

She’s also just plain dumb.  In an update to the article you referenced she provides her “source” for the 5% figure and it very plainly doesn’t support what she said.  The good news is that she has no chance of getting the nomination and will likely just end up as a funny side-note to the election in the history books.

Michele, baby, run on a third-party ticket to stick it to the GOP establishment…

Oh, yeah!

Marcus must have been having a laugh when he told her to be a tax attorney.

God she sucks.  I loathe her.  But, I hope she hangs in long enough NOT to file for Rep again.

So, any luck locating that woman who told her that her daughter “suffered mental retardation” after getting a vaccine? Or that guy she talked to last year who told her he used to live in Japan, where citizens are afraid to speak out about the state of health care because “they know that they would get on a list, and they wouldn’t get health care”?



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