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I don’t know how everything got shifted over to how one person who isn’t a campaign spokesperson for President Obama said one technically true thing that didn’t sound right and then suddenly everything was about how Lefties don’t love Mom, the flag or apple pie. I’m sure a bunch of people who are White House and campaign spox are going through Message Discipline Boot Camp right now (Drop and give me twenty talking points!) But I have my ideas. It seems like the only card conservatives can draw is the Defense of Traditional Womanhood Card, just like they play the Defense of Traditional Marriage Card in another respect of the culture war.  In other words, they whinge, “Why are you attacking this tradition (by pointing out that others exist)?”

Thus, when Hilary Rosen made a specific point about Ann Romney’s privilege in being able to be a stay-at-home-mom, it was attacked as being about her choice to be a stay-at-home-mom. Honestly, I do not care if Ann Romney worked a day outside the home. It matters to me that Gov. Romney has decided that he will receive his communications from Planet Vajayjay from someone who is more familiar with Ladies Who Lunch than Ladies who can’t Catch a Lunch Break.

The big issue at stake though, is, does Romney “get” that he has to appreciate the lives of single mothers, breadwinners, working women, women who did not have his wife’s opportunities?

Does he appreciate that some of us have more complex histories?

I don’t think he does. So I’m ready to hand this discussion back to Mitt.

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suddenly everything was about how Lefties don’t love Mom, the flag or apple pie.

Because, as you say, that’s their only trick. I’m optimist enough to think that after the “why do you hate the troops so much that you oppose us sending them to die for no reason” iteration, the “no flag lapel pin means Hawaii isn’t as American as Alaska” crap and the unavoidably obvious War on Women stuff the Redoublechins have been cranking up in more recent years, that this tactic is losing its punch.

If I had a daughter, she’d look a lot like Ann Romney.

The Ann Romney cited in the article at Vixen’s “single mothers, breadwinners, working women” link up there needs to have a word with the current Mitt Romney.

Over at Little Green Footballs, Charles Johnson’s on a tear at the moment, featuring:

Mitt Romney in 1994: ‘Both Parents Have to Work’

Closely followed by:

Romney: Poor Mothers Should Be Required to Work Outside the Home (that one from January 2012).

Just a couple more Etch A Sketch moments.

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