BAMF Commander Perry Deploys Texas National Guard To Scare Children Away


Texas Governor Rick Perry, feeling especially presidential after a weekend trip to his new favorite destination—Iowa—came out swinging on Monday, determined to show our current lawless, weak tyrant of a president a thing or two about manly decisiveness and leadership.

Perry told Republicans in Iowa . . . “if the federal government won’t secure the border, Texas will.”

Forthwith, Perry ordered the Texas National Guard to round up 1,000 of its scariest troops to go play boogeyman on the border.

Since President Obama, himself, declined to send the troops on such a misguided mission . . .

President Obama maintains that the child-migrant crisis is not a border enforcement issue, hence he has rejected calls from Republicans – and the Texas governor – to send National Guard troops south. Children are turning themselves in to the border patrol, not running away from them, administration officials emphasize, though they allow that the border patrol is working overtime and has its hands full.

. . . Perry took matters into his own hands but warned Obama that he will be sending him the $15 million/month bill. 

On the other hand, Perry’s office explained to edgy Texas legislators that, for the time being:

. . . the money will come from “non critical” areas, such as health care or transportation.

Non-critical if you’re not sick, I guess.

Gov Perry seems confident that his bold move to secure Fortress America will be met with nationwide popular support and will definitely polish his presidential timber.

But, getting back to the National Guard’s mission, it is described thus:

1 Support a recent surge of state Department of Public Safety law enforcement officers on the border, who are fighting crime by drug smugglers and human trafficking by cartels and gangs.

2 Play a role of “deter and refer” – deter border crime by their visible presence along the border and refer illegal acts, including border crossings, to law enforcement.

3 Assist with humanitarian needs of migrants who may approach them and ask to be taken to a Border Patrol station. The Guard will be equipped with water, most will have lifesaving skills, and they will call immediately for medical help.

So.  The “mission” is to be a scary enough presence to deter hardened cartel career criminals while delivering humanitarian relief to scared, sick and stressed out families and kids.  I’m not a military analyst but I’m suspecting that a troop of combat-trained soldiers can be good at one of those objectives, or the other but not both, simultaneously.

The Mission, itself, is pretty damning evidence that this is more of a political stunt than any kind of pragmatic solution.  There wont be too much going on with #1 because the guard can only serve in a “herding” capacity, they can’t legally detain anyone.  #2 amounts to “look scary” and call the police if you see bad guys.  #3? I thought Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz had this covered, plus they have teddy bears.

Perry maintains that the Border Patrol is so stretched that it needs the Guard as a “force multiplier” however, the plan is that:

The guard troops will be embedded with state troopers and other law enforcement because they cannot legally detain someone on their own authority.

Maybe they can serve as gofers or do paper work?  Most TV cops HATE paper work

Actually, the extra state and local cops recently added at the border cannot enforce federal immigration law, either—they cannot detain people based solely on their immigration status. So, unless these dehydrated, disoriented kids are committing crimes while they wait to be directed to the Border Patrol, extra law enforcement officers have no obvious role in dealing with the migrant kids, either.

To the best of my knowledge there have been no reports of a crime wave perpetrated by the Central American migrant children, unless you count Rep. Mike McCaul (R-TX) feeling threatened by some of the scary teenage boys he saw at the border.  Now, Rep. McCaul is the House Homeland Security Committee Chairman so I suspect that he’s not easily scared, nevertheless something about some of those Central American teens screamed National Security Threat when he saw them.

Honestly, which do you find scarier—the kids?


Or the Vassar, MI Refugee Welcoming Committee?


A lot of this is, of course, political theater worthy of Gilbert & Sullivan. But what bothers me is that, if the Texas-Mexican border is the out-of-control, terribly dangerous Wild-West place that Gov. Perry portrays, isn’t it pretty irresponsible of him to station virtually defenseless National Guard personnel in harm’s way to make himself look macho?  Isn’t that sort of Putin-esque? 

After all, Perry thinks that updates and nuances to our immigration policy travel at the speed of light to the poorest, most desperate people in Central America and influence their migration patterns.  So what’s to keep the evil coyotes and cartel drug runners from finding out that those scary troops at the border can’t stop a jaywalker?  They are simply an added bit of chaos, and an unnecessary responsibility and distraction for those who actually can do something about crime at the border.  Those Guards are at mortal risk for no other reason than to fluff up Rick Perry’s ego.

Democrats and some Texas border sheriffs have warned against militarizing the border.

“We should be sending the Red Cross to the border, not the National Guard,” tweeted U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro of San Antonio.

Terry Canales, a Democrat representing the Rio Grande Valley in the Texas House of Representatives, dismissed the deployment as a political ploy by Republican state leaders and a governor bent on another presidential run.

According to the LA Times:

Perry’s administration did not consult with border sheriffs before making the announcement, and the group has not yet taken a position on the issue, said Don Reay, executive director of the Texas Border Sheriffs Coalition, which represents 20 border sheriffs. Reay said he’s not opposed to the deployment, but his group wants to know what role the Guard will play.

“We would prefer money be made available to local law enforcement” for overtime and more personnel, he said, adding that the sheriffs “should have a place at the table when they’re doing the planning.”

Mr Reay doesn’t seem to grasp the fact, yet, that there’s no “table” to have a place at and no “plan” to speak of—there’s just a campaign boiler-room with a gently-used Perry for President banner taped to the wall.


There, now! doesn’t this seem a little more sane practical?

The Homeland Security Department said Tuesday it arrested 192 people along the Mexican border in South Texas on immigrant-smuggling charges and seized more than $625,000, part of the Obama administration’s efforts to discourage and disrupt the flood of tens of thousands of people crossing the border illegally.

The arrests, which took place under a crackdown called “Operation Coyote,” took place over the last month and were part of a 90-day effort targeting smuggling groups.

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Wait, they didn’t contact the border sheriffs first?  You know, for a guy courting the TPers, Perry just made the error of going over the heads of the sheriffs, and every good state’s right nutjob knows that the Bundy’s amongst us only recognize the local sheriff as the arbiter of all legal matters. Once again, Perry is too stupid to properly tailor his pandering.

Perry took matters into his own hands but warned Obama that he will be sending him the $15 million/month bill.

President Obama should pay that secessionist in Confederate dollars.

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