Beck to Wallace: Obama is Only a Racist in God’s Eyes, Or Something

This was fun to watch live. Please note that even though Beck has stopped gel-spiking his hair, he’s still no closer to morphing into Phil Donahue.

ThinkProgress and MediaMatters are all over this, but it can’t be viewed enough. Beck squirms like a slug-in-salt any time he’s compelled to retrofit an intellectual framework to a worldview that is largely informed by a bubbling stew of unexamined guilt, fear and insecurity. The sad thing is, his self-satisfied confusion seems to be contagious. If you were ever in AA, you’ve seen plenty of Becks:

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I got in as far as Obama’s liberation theology before suffering some severe reverses of a peristaltic nature. Will try again after putting Vapo-Rub to its proper, stench-quelling use.

Mon Dieu! It’s the Three Spammers of the Shopocalypse.  Their coming was foretold by Nostradumass.  It must be The End Times Monday.

Spam deleted. Sheesh, that was a coordinated attack by the high-end handbags!

I can’t drink enough to make this make sense, at least not without passing out first.

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