Beck WHO?!

Silly media reports“maybe thousands”@Beck’s “irrelevant” event;insinuating MSM sheeple mustn’t believe their own eyes&ears re: event’s truth
about 4 hours ago  via Twitter for BlackBerry®
Retweeted by 100+ people


Snooki should have stopped typing after “Silly me.”

Screenshot in case Snooki deletes the Tweet (in which case you’ll have to take my word about the Beck link):


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No one who unironically uses the terms “MSM” and “sheeple” will ever be President, unless they run against, say, Justin Bieber.

That goes double for people who weep when they hear bagpipes playing. Bagpipe music is for hitting things and settling scores.

Sheeple? SHEEPLE? Good God, is she going to start quoting Chomsky and dissing Monsanto next?

Erm, yeah, fair comments all, but in case it’s not obvious, do click on the “Beck” link in Snooki’s Tweet!

Well, Brit, it’s a fair cop. I missed the obvious.

She’s a pathological dunce.

Good find! You’ll be rewarded from Obama’s Stash, I promise.

She’s a pathological dunce.

“Loser” is more mellifluous somehow.


Poor, brave-yet-innocent, noble, Keeper of Heartland Values, Sarah Palin.  Getting picked on by the liebrul haterz again.  I have no doubt the haterz hacked open her Twittertube and impregnated the baby fetus tweet with the demonic musician’s Twitter account.  I’ve seen this movie before.

Always the victim, never the perp.  Always wronged, never wrong.

So sad.

Comment by meepmeep09 on 08/29/10 at 04:32 PM

Nobody plays the “Who, me?” victim card like Snowbilly Sarah.

Lucky for her, she didn’t type @Glenn.

I’ve got to add, I REALLY love Beck, and I hope he makes good use of the unexpected traffic he’s getting from those 100+ Retweeters.

I can almost forgive Beck (the singer) for being a Scientologist in light of this. And I think I finally understand why Twitter was invented!

Sorry, skippy. We try to keep it light here.

I guess if Glenn Beck wanted revenge, he could Tweet back and link to an old Monty Python star.

I’ve no idea why Snooki wanted to link to GB on Twitter anyway. His account’s moribund, and his last Tweet wasn’t exactly inspirational:

If any of you ever wondered what it would be like to live in communist china, now you know. Thanks dictator Barack!
5:23 PM Jun 7th via Echofon

Christ, what an abysmally stupid woman. I can’t wait for the follow up to this:

Pop singer Beck stole patriot Glenn’s Twitter account. Mayb a plot by Obama, lamestream media.

They’ve got two dumbasses (Palin & Beck) and a microphone.

But she’s a “regular” American who lets staff screw up her tweets and who uses her hand like a cheatsheet.

Leave Sarah alooooooooooooooooooone!

Also annoys me that she has “USA” after her name.

Elisabeth - In this case U.S.A. = Unusually Stupid Asshole.

Ha!  Now I feel better about the “USA.”  Thanks!

Btw, where was the other charlatan, Breitbart, during the all-white Beck party? I had assumed he would be one of the speakers at the event. He is maintaining a very low profile these days, what’s coming up, can anyone take a guess? A lot of this shit is amazingly coordinated in the background, and unlike liberals who had a list everyone knew about, no one knows where these assholes meetup to coordinate and exchange notes. I am guessing that the main players don’t get involved, but it’s the big business lend consultants who are keeping the show running.

“Sheeple”  is she’s going to start referring to NObama and HITLERY KLINTOOOON, too?

Oh, and for accuracy’s sake, I now find that Beck the Glenn has another Twitter account which is unfortunately not moribund, and no less rabid than the other one: (rather than ).

@Roshan—I think the wingnuts are handling Breitbart with tongs now because he made such an asshole of himself during the Shirley Sherrod incident. Of course, they can’t publicly disown him, and it’s not like they disagree with what he’s trying to do; they just want him to execute his smears more competently. The Dems own-goals during the Sherrod incident notwithstanding, a key takeaway was that Breitbart smeared an innocent woman. For once, this may have actually hurt his credibility.

Here’s a look at how much the Alaskan moose is spending on media consultants:

Through SarahPAC, the political action committee Palin created this election cycle, she’s poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into decidedly “media” resources and endeavors, including $299,500 on media consultants, nearly $34,000 on Internet media and about $31,000 on print and other miscellaneous media, the Center for Responsive Politics’ research shows.

Comment by roshan on 08/30/10 at 10:54 AM

Here’s a look at how much the Alaskan moose is spending on media consultants:

And she’s getting good value for money!

I’d like to think Mooselini will ignore those sheeple in the lamestream media and run for office, thereby creating a glut of snark that we can sell to humor-impared regions of the world. But let’s face it: Running for office involves spending money and you can’t keep the campaign donations even if you say Trig really really wants his mommy to have it.

Oh well. She’ll hag ride the GOPers who run against Obama, endorse the looniest one and generally spread ulcers far and wide on her own side.

Exactly—Palin is the Greatest Nader Since Perot…and, fortunately, she’s not Nader.


Now Snooki’s generously pimping out her Svengali Bill “Never Knowingly Right About Anything” Kristol to write Obama’s Iraq speech tomorrow for him.


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