Benedictions Gone Wild

[via Jesus’ General]

Posted by Kevin K. on 04/28/10 at 11:59 AM • Permalink

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Good grief, I thought she was going to whip out a couple of poisonous snakes and start speaking in tongues! I hope the ambulance delivered her to a place where she could get the counseling she so desperately needs.

Sarah Palin’s graduation?

Ya know, if she actually tried to find a man who can swing some dick I might have taken her fake-orgasmic shudderings more seriously.

That’s just sad. I was pissed off in the early part, then just felt horrible for her.

If only my graduation had been so entertaining…

I kept expecting to hear laughter from the audience.

I was keeping an ear out for hooting and jeering, myself.

Buffy: “My god, she’s gonna do the entire speech.”
Willow: “Man, just ascend already.”
Buffy: “Evil.”

That’s about a 666 on the awkward segue scale, I think.

Oh for context! Was this graduation from Yazoo City Christian College, or was this young lady the valedictorian at LSU?

Particularly wonderful: the fanfare heralding the single gesture with which all the dons put on their octagonal velvet hats and faced away from the writhing penitent on the floor. Very Horse Feathers.

I liked Tyra Sanchez’s collapse upon being crowned America’s Next Drag Superstar better.

My niece the S. Baptist tried this tack at her “graduation” from her hospital internship (Bob Jones U. has a high record of getting grads into medical school).  The audience started with uncomfortable restlessness and moved on to louder protestations; niece had the common sense to wrap up her come to Jeebus speech after a few people got up and walked out.  Sadly, no souls were saved that day…  Blech.

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