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Not to horn in on Instaputz territory, but it’s necessary to note that some wingnut bloggers are bewailing the ejection of a “Free Market Warrior” kiosk from a North Carolina mall, including Karl Rove’s favorite blogger.

Why is it necessary to note this utterly predictable kerfluffle? Because it provides an opportunity to mock some of the merchandise Free Market Warrior offers, such as this:


And to compare it unfavorably to this:


Seriously, do people really purchase such items? (I mean the “GOP President Jigsaw Puzzle,” of course—not the iconic “Dogs Playing Poker” painting, which is prominently displayed in all God-fearing homes.)

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“...and then I said ‘I freed WHO?’”

That’s the demographic they’re going for.

I gather that none of the cons remember how that, during Ike’s administration, the marginal tax rates on income over $250k were 91%, or that Teddy Roosevelt routinely broke up companies that were perceived as too big to fail.

Nowadays they would be labeled as socialist communist fascists for those policies.

Is that ... Nixon?

Lincoln wouldn’t piss on any of the modern-day doucherags if they were on fire.

I’m pretty sure TR would donkey-punch the lot of them, with the possible exception of Lincoln.

Wouldn’t some of the living ex-presidents have to be, you know, dead for that scene to take place?

Insert smiley emoticon here.

Of all the presidential reputations the GOP tried to expropriate for Bush during the last 8 years, Eisenhower’s was left alone…probably because of those 91% marginal rates.  Oh, and that Parthian shot about the MIC.

I was deeply disappointed in my purchase of the “Cadillac-Driving Welfare Queen Here’s-a-Pot-to-Piss-In” novelty urinal, which will only “flush” on the 1st and the 15th of every month.

I mean, I love the gag and all. But there’s just not enough capacity in the matching “Al Sharpton’s Potty-Mouth” auxiliary commode to keep me going till “payday.”

Too much “supply side” and not enough “trickle-down,” if you take my meaning.

In the future, I would urge you to spend more time designing functional products and less time applying ideological rubber-stamps to worthless crap, but I don’t want to sound like a Democrat.

PS: Thanks for the complimentary Hillary TP. It really chaps my ass, but at least it’s the right color!

So why did they leave out Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover?

I’m with rickD. The painting doesn’t even make sense when some of these guys are alive and some are dead.

checked out the Mitch McConnel bobble head—wonder why it has a chin.

Reagan was the first president to run massive federal deficits, mortgaging future generations.

Lincoln trampled all over states’ rights.

Nixon appeased the Chinese and started the liberal Environmental Protection Agency.

The painting doesn’t even make sense when some of these guys are alive and some are dead.

Necromancy for beginners. Chapter 1: Proper use of a shovel.

If they don’t like it, let them buy their own mall.

There is a democratic version of this painting that is just as bad.  The funny thing is that political parties have radically changed over time.  In fact they have in many ways changed platforms.  The party of Lincoln is now the party of Dixie.  White southerners exited the Democratic party when the Democrats took up the banner of civil rights in the 1950’s and ‘60’s.  Johnson is said to have commented at the time of the voting rights act that the Democratic party would lose the South for a generation.  Nixon, and later Reagan, built his political coalition around the so-called Southern Strategy.  Modern Republicans have more in common culturally and politically with John C. Calhoun than they do with Abraham Lincoln.  Indeed Eisenhower is the last Republican in the Lincoln tradition before the parties switched.  He and his allies within the Republican party famously despised the founders of the modern conservative movement- Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon. I am afraid a game of cards with these presidents would be less than jovial.

The worst thing in this painting is seeing Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Eisenhower lumped in with the likes of Nixon and the Bush boys.

better yet.. oakum‘s razor?

Comment by peter S on 07/25/09 at 04:05 PM

Where’s Hoover?

Teddy Roosevelt would be a RINO to present-day Republicans.

This art is certainly reminiscent of the Soviet era heroic art.

Check out the article, sucks when some one exercising their private property rights disagrees with you and throws you out of their mall…

This would make a lot more sense if John Wilkes Booth was standing behind Lincoln with a gun pointed at his head. That would explain why all the others are laughing.

A year ago I went on an architectural tour of local mid-century homes. One of the houses had TWO large framed prints of the GOP presidents poker game on prominent display.

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