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Working the graveyard shift is a mixed blessing.  I’m sorry I missed out on the entertaining live-blogging of the debate, but I did have an opportunity to not only hear the debate, but to read some of the post-debate dissection of the debate…

Attention! Your attention, please! A newsflash has this moment arrived from the Sesame Front. The forces of Republicanism in 2012 have won a glorious victory. I am authorized to say that the war against PBS is within measurable distance of its end.

The general consensus among media types is that Mitt Romney “won” the first debate in the 2012 campaign, but my takeaway is that his victory will turn out to be a Pyrrhic one.

Mitt never really delivered any telling blows against President Obama in this general snoozefest of a debate.  Mitt avoided talking about specific points in his tax plan.  Indeed, he avoided specificity on most topics.  The fact checkers will be parsing the debate performances of both candidates, while the public spaces out about the facts and figures.  Romney’s “victory” was due to a largely passive performance on the part of the president… hopefully this was a rope-a-dope tactic on the president’s part, a gambit to make Mitt underestimate him before landing some devastating blows during the foreign policy portion of the debates.

Now, for the main reason why I think that Mitt’s vague “victory” was hollow- the one feature of Romney’s performance that will capture the imagination of wags was his declaration of love for Big Bird (who is just the right height), though said love would best be described as creepy and stalkerish, seeing that Mitt wants to cut funding for PBS, the “home” of Big Bird.  Already, the meme-generators are hard at work generating facetious images of Mitt.  Some of these images are pretty damn devastating.  Who the hell is going to remember Mitt’s evasive generalizations about his fiscal policies once the social media wags start pushing the Big Bird narrative?

Poor Mitt, he may have won a doubleplusgood victory against Barack Obama in debate round one, but he lost the meme war against Big Bird.  It won’t be long before one of Mitt’s team members tells Wolf Blitzer, “We have always been at war with Sesame Street.”

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Ya know, never once did I hear the word “infrastructure” in the course of the debate.  WTF, candidates?

Killing the Corp for Public Broadcasting has been a wingnut wet dream for so long that it has become a word ritual that must be spoken in order to be considered a ‘true believer’.  Problem is, doing so has always been very unpopular.  I think many see it as a direct assault on little kiddies, or worse yet, the first step towards Faux News controlling ALL media.  So yeah, bad move Romney; we’ll see how that one plays out. 

The other big point is that Romney copped to Vouchercare; I have no doubt that the Obama oppo ad team was high-fiving over that before it finished exiting Romney’s mouth. 

Infrastructure; I would have liked to hear about that too, but if I had to trade that for the VoucherCare mention, I would.  People hate VoucherCare!

Andrea Mitchell was doing a fairly reasonable job of fact checking afterwards then she “fact checked” Romney’s statement that for seniors on Medicare now nothing would change.  She agreed with that (donut hole, free wellness exams anyone?) and stated that was true for anyone 55 and over.  Then on to the next topic.  Without a “but if you’re under 55, not so much.”  I hate that woman.

Also why do they think that seniors are only interested in their own Medicare benefits?  I’m 63 so basically I’m safe from voucher care but I do care, and I care A LOT, about what my kids will face.  And I don’t think there’s anything unusual about that.  You don’t stop being a parent when your kids turn 21.

Fact-checking? Check me no facts, I trust you!

Mitt’s impossible math is possible if you take him at his word! Thanks,, for another wonderful night! You will call tomorrow, won’t you?

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