Big news at Rumproast: Betty Cracker and poputonian are coming on board

I’m honored and excited to announce that two of my favorite bloggers ever (no joke) have recently agreed to help me out here at Rumproast.

Regular Rumproast commenter Betty Cracker, whose name many of you may recognize from frequent posts here extolling her posts at her own place, possesses a razor-sharp wit and a big, bad-ass brain.  If I had to pick the best new blogger to surface in 2008, Betty would without a doubt be my first pick.  Hell, throw in a bunch of preceding years, too. I once referred to her as the “new Digby” without a wisp of apprehension because she’s just that good.

Speaking of Digby, former Hullabaloo contributor poputonian, who I go way back with, has also signed on to write for Rumproast and that brings me (as it will you) great deals of joy.  Poputonian is a terrific writer who can lay on the snark with deadly precision and he’s also an exceptionally wise analyst (I’m not worthy!) who is thankfully making a return to the world of blogging after a somewhat lengthy sabbatical.  As an added plus, he attracts the likes of noted historians and scholars to the comments sections here at Rumproast while I reel in sputtering PUMAs and people like this. Clearly, I need some help classing up the joint.

Welcome aboard, Betty and poputonian! Rumproast just got a whole bunch better.  You folks are in for a treat.

MORE: I guess this blog just got a whole bunch shriller, too.

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Heh, that is funny because in my daily lineup of Good Things To Read it goes like this:

Sadly, No!
Betty Cracker

Angry Black Bitch

That is awesome that you are combining forces.

Oh and please please keep “inviting” over the PUMA folks (I don’t know how you got on their crazy-dar, but keep doing it). They are cranktastic and I love it.

Lisa, that’s great.  Made my day. Thanks.

Regarding the PUMAs, I need a bit of a break, but I’ll be back on ‘em in the near future. Fortunately a lot of other bloggers have finally started to take them to task.

Excellent News!

Thrilled to be shrill! Looking forward to it, and thanks for the kind words. :-)

The shriller, the better, I say!  Great news.

Outstanding! Great to see my new favourite blog getting bigger and better!

Right on!

So old ‘Silent Balls’ is hoping for a manhole splinter group named PUMB?

“The Puman Group” may have been a better choice. A tiny bunch of SBVT types decked out in a shit-brown variation of the Blue Man Group’s paint job, stomping around like Danny DeVito, chanting “F.I.S.T.”

(poor Tommie Smith)

Kevin, Giving the PUMA tracking a break might be a good idea. As Walt Frazier would never say, “too much play for sister gray.”

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