Big Trouble in Little Egypt

Not looking so good over there. A curfew is about to go into effect has been imposed, but protesters are defying it. Mubarak has ordered the military to reinforce police on the ground.

Here’s a useful gang-feed of Twitter bursts.

Al Jazeera streaming coverage is here. The network has just been ordered to get its camera crews off the streets.

[UPDATE:] The headquarters of the ruling NDP party in downtown Cairo is on fire.

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What’s their problem? They don’t like their corrupt, autocratic government or something?

Check the Al Jazeera feed. Those people aren’t fucking around.

Hillary Clinton is supposed to make a statement shortly. Has the opposition selected a color scheme yet? We may get a pantsuit color-coded signal.

That’s insane.

I hear they’ve actually disconnected the whole country from the Internet, too. First time that’s ever been done in a country that large…

I’m working on a theory that the recent uprisings around the world are the Obama Effect kicking in.

People watched how Obama won the US presidency with a grass-roots, people- and internet-powered campaign and saw that things that might have seemed impossible can actually come to pass if the people unite.

HRC is talking now. (Tweed = Reply hazy, try again.) She’s walking the line between supporting the government and the protesters, urging calm on both sides, etc.

No, no, no, Allan! It’s because Obama is perceived as a weak leader!

While I get wanting to get rid of one’s corrupt government, is the Muslim Brotherhood really the answer? This will not end well.

The Freepers are right. Islamofascisterrorists wouldn’t have dared defy US interests when Commander Codpiece was in charge. Oh wait…

Shit.  This is going to be bad.

Apparently Yemen is getting restless. An irresponsible person would make a joke about Yumpin’ Yeminis.

I will not know what to think until Jane Hamsher and Glenn Greenwald tell me how I should think.

Snark aside: this appears to be a clusterfuck and I feel bad for the people of Egypt. And (snark back on), I am sure that Our Fine Media will soon be awash in stories about how it’s affecting Americans there—people who dreamed their whole lives of seeing the pyramids and now have to come home because of some pesky freedom-loving sorts.

Also, what color is Sully’s twitter feed?

The word from the academic circles I travel in is that the whole system is pretty much coming unglued. The gov’t may have enough strength to shut the protests down, but it would require a very heavy hand. Also, there’s not much by way of consensus on what people want to replace the current regime, though, other than “anything but these assholes.” This does not bode well for a peaceful transition to a post-Mubarak unity government. Time will tell.

Prez Obama needs to get on the air and utter the work ‘democracy’ in context - he did it last year in the ME. This is a big deal; what happens in Egypt could mean the end of saying ‘it’s all al-Qaeda’s fault’ every time something screws up in the ME (and that ‘al-Q is comin’ to git us’) - There’s loads of Egyptians, Yemenis, Tunisians, Algerians, etc. who are sick to the back teeth of al-Q, but need a little love, not grief, from the US. (Palestine another universe of craziness.) Sorry - no snark - this is too much on the edge of possibility - but just waiting for the MSM to fuck up the info, i.e. they’re ALL uncontrollable Mooslem towelheads. Yrs in sorrow ...

Indeed, but what a fine line he has to walk. We don’t want to upset our other corrupt puppets by appearing to throw Mubarak to the wolves…particularly if we plan on getting our troops out of Afghanistan at any point.

Yeah, Strange, I know - it’s just that when I see actual media depictions of people being brave, esp. in non-Communist countries, cause we all and Ms Bachmann know that any dissent in Communist/China-type countries and Iran is GOOD (as opposed to all the other times that people are being brave but they don’t get noticed because Dancing w/t Stars is on), then I get a bit hopeful, but I get yr point. But I betcha even people in Afghanistan (if they are in privileged places that can see Al-Jazeera) are goin’ ‘wow, you go there, Egyptians’ before they hear the final approaches of the drone aircraft bomb.

Understood, ms yafb. It truly sucks that the triumph of expedience over ideals has led the US to support repressive governments with rulers who boil their enemies and are happy to perform discount contract torture on our behalf.

Try to remember, though, that Democracy is actually a BAD thing in the hands of evil Muslims, who inevitably elect evil Muslims to govern them.

Okay, Strange, have reserved my inflatable raft on (in?) the Slough of Despond and am on my way - allahu akhbar - no caps.  Yeah, enemy boiling was also supported by the Limeys - no doubt you know Craig Murray’s blog - Uzbeckistan was _not_ a diplomat’s dream posting!

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Thanks! I’ll get right on that just as soon as these gray aliens stop probing my ass with their damned Time Cube technology.

Hit-and-run spammer located in Korea has the hots for Red China. I’m flattered he decided to grace our little blog, but he shall spam no more here, lest he try to sell us pirated paranoia.

Yeah, I know. I’m a killjoy.

Have the Time Cube and Teatard factions joined forces??!!!?


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