Biggus Dickus wants an audience with YOU [Minor update]

Welcome to Monday morning on Rumproast. I won’t detain you long as you sluggishly slurp your coffee and come to terms with the week ahead.

But since everybody else on the Internons seems to be discussing this storm in a Y-front, it would be remiss not to comment on the outrage du weekend—the Anthony Weinergate Twitter account hacking would-be “scandal” pumped up by Underpants Gnomes Andrew Breitpart, Lee Stranathing, and one patriotusa76, a.k.a. the clairvoyant Dan Wolfe (motto: “Conservative Reagan Republican. No Obamacare, socialism, sharia. Proud of the USA & Proud to be an American with NO apologies. No elitists need apply.”), the only living witness to the atrocity that saw a twitpic of somebody’s suspiciously gray underwear swathing a rather modestly proportioned gherkin allegedly dispatched to an unwitting and quite possibly unwilling recipient.

Dan Wolfe clairvoyant? Well, we’re all about evidence here at Rumproast, and—somebody disinter Arthur C. Clarke if you can get near his spinning remains—here it is:


Don’t bother looking for it now, as this is what will greet you:*

@patriotusa76’s Tweets are protected.

Only confirmed followers have access to @patriotusa76’s Tweets and complete profile. You need to send a request before you can start following this account.

By the evidential standards currently in play, I think that counts as a truly damning admission of guilt.

From all accounts, the best timeline of events surrounding this drama can be found at stef’s post over at GOS. However, exercising my graphic forensic skills, I have managed to isolate the original twitpic before Wolfe doctored it. To preserve your breakfasts, I will place it after the fold.


Of course, just about anything is possible where male sexuality is concerned—indeed, I was one of those gobsmacked when a certain ex-president of yours was revealed to have engaged in shenanigans years ago. Go figure. But the Taint of Breitpart, the fortuitous timing as Weiner was going after conflicts of interest concerning one of your Supreme Court judges who is currently Breitpart’s main squeeze, and a whole host of circumstantial evidence leave me entirely unconvinced that anything untoward happened on Weiner’s part. Ahem.

And also of course, no story like this involving a blameless female alleged co-respondent would be complete without the right wing doing their best to hound and victimize her. Her name is now all over the Intertubes, her reputation and countertops the subject of scurrilous banter and vicious libellous rumormongering, so I won’t add to that except to say she deserves better, whatever the truth of the situation, and these people are unmitigated assholes.

UPDATE: * Wolfe has now reopened his Twitter feed.

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Wow, those patriotusa76 tweets telegraphing the upcoming scandal remind me of something.

Oh yeah, this. Or really, this.

Comment by Xecky Gilchrist on 05/30/11 at 12:14 PM

What’s quite humorous (as much as I can find humor in the victimization of the female student embroiled in all this) is that Lee Stranahan, of all people, is currently doing a sterling job of picking holes in the pic supposedly sent by Weiner.

Wolfe can’t stand the heat:

Lee Stranahan

Look at the created date and the modified date—what do you see? @jsigwart @patriotusa76 @joebrook
8 minutes ago via web

Dan Wolfe
@Stranahan @jsigwart @joebrook Eat each other alive. I don’t care anymore.
6 minutes ago

Dan Wolfe

@Stranahan @jsigwart @joebrook All I did was send the file. Good luck to you. I’m out.
7 minutes ago

Guess Stranahan’s (a) seeing off a rival, and (b) covering his boss’s ass?

I read the GOS piece last night and Mr. Patriot isn’t gonna last much longer. Hell, even Kurtz is calling bullshit and if it were even remotely true Howie would be all over that story like a nympho on a knob.

What—Andrew “I Am Not a Homo” Breitbart and Dana Loesch involved in character assasination via fake journalism? Must be Monday.

Althouse, my go-to reference on matters of innertube morality, opines:

Imagine if Anthony Weiner were a Republican. (I know, it’s such a hackneyed visualization, but it’s important here.) The liberal/lefty blogs would be shredding him mercilessly. I’m not saying Weiner’s not getting his hair mussed. But if he were a Republican, the feeding frenzy would be of a different magnitude entirely.

Well, yeah. I’ve never seen a story take up the entire front page of Memeorandum, but it’s something worth living to see, I guess.

What’s all this about a top 5 Rightwing blogger caught in a sex scandal?

I’m not saying Weiner’s not getting his hair mussed.

But I do say no more than ten to twenty million killed, tops. Uh, depending on the breaks.

Breitbart’s only defense of his flyblown libel factory is that he doesn’t know his source material is doctored. I’m not a smear merchant, Your Honor, I’m just easily duped!

I hope the Wolf that cried smear gets a snootful of legal retribution, but I’m afraid that just won’t ever happen.

Jed Lewison over at Daily Kos made an important point.

When Gawker received shirtless pics and incriminating emails involving Congressman Lee, they sat on them for FOUR WEEKS while they investigated and interviewed the principals before going public with a rock-solid case that lead to Lee’s immediate resignation.

That is the comparison which BoxWhine Althouse should be making.

But if he were a Republican, the feeding frenzy would be of a different magnitude entirely.

If he were a Republican, the story would be true.  I’m not sure these righties know there’s a difference between fact and fiction.

Wot Glix said.  DUH. 

And, what really infuriates me is how Breitbart and company don’t give a shit about casually involving a young woman in this bullshit.  Now, her life is turned upside down for their vicious pleasure. 

I sincerely hope Breitbart gets taken to the cleaner in the Sherrod case and that in this case, he gets what’s coming to him.  He’s just foul.

In Canada, they do it different.

I assumed boehner hacked wieners account.
Just to get a rise out of him..

Lordy, Stranahan and his cronies are STILL desperately trying to gin up this story and get major media to bite.

Craphead Datechguy, mainly notable in the past for being a shill for Jim Hoft in the recursively self-referential “somebody else is covering this so it must be a story” rightisphere, confidently proclaimed overnight:

This will be a very significant episode of Morning Joe This morning

Wanking himself to sleep while slavering at the thought of the supposedly Twitter-savvy Scarborough blowing the whole caboodle wide open, he awoke to severe disappointment, and I’d guess not for the first time in his life:

It’s looking like I’m a sucker so far.

Not quite the term I had in mind. But succor is at hand:

Morning Joe might have taken a pass but the NY Post has an opinion piece by a fellow who I hear is a big fan of the show.

Meanwhile, Stranahan—who seems to live his life entirely on Twitter—whines:

Huffington Post / AOL Buries #Weinergate Story
After months of not blogging at Huffington Post because of their treatment of Andrew Breitbart, I decided this story was juicy / big enough that I wanted to get it out to the HuffPost audience. After all, Huffington Post had been great about publishing my John Edwards pieces.

So I submitted an article that I thought was good – my Would Your Spouse Buy It? article with an added introduction paragraph to explain the story…and note the date ...

And I even emailed the blog team and HP editor Roy Sekoff…again, note the date ...

There’s no question in my mind that if the piece were about Paul Ryan or Michelle Bachmann sending out underwear photos, it would have been Frontpaged all weekend. But instead it got the spike

If this doesn’t class as the wingnut jumping the shark moment of the year so far, it’s a stiff contender.

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